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Gone. Not coming back.

    1. TheAlpar
      Hi!! Sorry I'm talking to you through here out of nowhere; I just wanted to tell you that if you're planning on moving to greener pastures I totally support you and I'll be following your works wherever they appear! You're my favorite Pokemon writer of all time and your fics have inspired me so much, you have no idea. Thank you so much for your time and effort. And if you ever need to talk I'd love to.
      1. Cutlerine likes this.
    2. Psychic
      Heya! I was wondering, for Missing Mod Madness, what do you think of my character entering the world of Arbitrary Execution? I know I never reviewed it after I finished reading that (hoping to get that done soon), but I loved the world so much, and I love the idea of having to fend off even more glitches amidst the cast of characters. Please lemme know what you think!
      1. Cutlerine likes this.
      2. Cutlerine
        Oh, absolutely! You have my full permission; I'm flattered that you'd choose it.
        Sep 16, 2018
        Psychic likes this.
      3. Psychic
        Thank you so much! And absolutely - that story was incredibly memorable for me (I swear I'll respond to your response and write another review eventually) and one of the fics that's gripped me the most in a long time. Even though I can't imagine a sequel I just need more of that cast in my life tbh.
        Sep 17, 2018
    3. Firaga Metagross
      Firaga Metagross
      Hey, just wanted to congratulate you for finishing another work. Your writings are important to me so thanks for posting them :)
      1. Cutlerine
        <3! Thank you. It's always so strange and lovely when people tell me this -- I'm delighted, and honoured, that a thing I made has gone out there into the world, hit someone else's life and stuck in it. Here's hoping you keep on enjoying them! ;>
        Aug 16, 2018
      2. Firaga Metagross
        Firaga Metagross
        Yeah, it meant a lot to me to be parsing through FF.net and see something not only good but also very Trans. Maybe someday I’ll actually get around to writing my trans stuff
        Aug 17, 2018
    4. Arkadelphiak
      Yo, I just wanted to gush for a second and tell you that your old fic, The Thinking Man's Guide to Destroying the World, inspired me to write my very own fanfic. Just saying!
      1. Cutlerine
        Aw, thanks. I'm glad to have inspired you! More people creating things is always good.
        Aug 15, 2018
        Arkadelphiak likes this.
    5. Conquering Storm
      Conquering Storm
      So I spent the past two or three days reading Go Home, and I just wanted to thank you for introducing the phrase "giant lesbian vultures" to my universe. Not that the rest of the story wasn't equally awesome, but... giant lesbian vultures. That just isn't the kind of phrase you can read without thanking the person who wrote it for adding a new source of joy to your life.
      1. Cutlerine
        Haha, thanks! I remember thinking up that line, when I decided Nika's signature pokémon would be mandibuzz and remembered that it's an all-female species, and I was pretty pleased with myself for coming up with it. It's always great to hear that other people like these fun details too.
        Apr 29, 2018
    6. PhalanxSigil
      Totally understandable. Glad I could clear that up.

      By the way, just read the first chapter of Ghost Town, and Lothian is adorable to the extreme and you nearly made me cry with the coming out scene, so expect a review soonish, because goddammit I need to catch up on your stuff.
    7. PhalanxSigil
      That was more of a funny comment than anything else, I literally just switched "humanoid" with "kadabra" in the actual edits. My brother doesn't play Pokémon, so he'd need a little more description. Other than that (and the fact that he's generally fine with me tailoring my stuff to a more genre-savvy audience), I generally don't do that, I kinda just wanted to vary the wording.
    8. Virgil134
      D'aww, thanks. That's really sweet. Hope you'll do well too!
    9. Virgil134
      That's good to hear. Not sure how much of a chance I got with only one chapter up so far, but I'm really happy I got your support!
    10. Virgil134
      Hey thanks for nominating Casting Off for the fan fiction awards. Really means a lot to me!
    11. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Merry Christmas!
    12. Virgil134
      Well, I'm really happy to hear that. ^^
    13. Virgil134
      Hey, thanks for the recommendation in the Interviewing the Reviewers thread! I really appreciate it. ^^
    14. Kein
      I've added two chapters to Reverberations of Time since your last review. Any input would be welcome.
    15. Virgil134
      Am glad to hear that!
    16. Virgil134
      Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the review you left on Casting Off! Am glad you enjoyed the characters so much, and your review was both fun and helpful to read. I'm not sure at the moment when I'll have time to give your review a proper reply, but wanted to let you know it's coming for sure.
    17. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Merle, a tall man with lank dark hair,
      I'm not quite up to doing a full review of Arbitrary Execution's most recent chapter yet (are you using Hexadecimal numbers in the chapter numbers?), but I just thought I'd mention I first accidentally read this as "Merle, a man with lank dank hair" and found it to be hilarious.
    18. Sike Saner
      Sike Saner
      I hope you know I laughed horridly at that image of the headless men. XD
    19. Firebrand
      I'm aware this is coming out of the blue, but I'm currently reading The Rise and Fall of DODO by Neal Stephenson and I was talking to Jax about it over PM, and we both realized that a book about witches, time travel, quantum mechanics and government agencies was totally your thing, so have a book rec, dude.
    20. Firebrand
      Just saw your review, and thanks for all the kind words. Just wanted to mention the war aligned thing though, that's what I've been calling fighting types
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