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  • How many main arcs are you anticipating the story will have in the end? Now I'm at 70%... but I haven't added your most recent two chapters in to the document. Still. Getting there! Having gotten this far, though, I feel confident saying that I think you're managing the story's plot rather nicely.

    Ah, I see. Here's to hoping you keep on feeling better! I know mental health roadblocks can be particularly difficult to get through... Not fun. And ohh, what kind of project is this one, if you don't mind me asking?
    XD CTRL+F is the best keyboard shortcut that was ever made, for many many reasons. But yeah, I can see why you'd have trouble remembering location for Time and Tide - I'm only on chapter 8 and my phone says I'm only 35% through the fic, haha. Been reading for quite a while now, too. Unfortunately my actual Kindle exploded and I lost all the quoted comments I was going to put in a review thus far, BUT at the same time it's one of those fics I'd rather read straight through and absorb, then try to look back and comment later. Basically, I'm enjoying it immensely.

    "probably" being the key word there. ;) But, given your short time between updates and the length of your updates, I assume you write fairly often, which I would assume helps you to remember a lot without all the notes, so it works out. ^^
    Heh, yes, the approach is working. I suppose even the small amount of details you just described would be too much for me to remember if I were writing the story - I'm not able to visualize things very easily at all. I have several files that are organized by topic to keep track of that kind of stuff. I don't remember specific details of a story easily, but I can remember where to find them if I need them. Basicallyyyy I visit the files so often I remember where the information is that I need, but I can't remember the details themselves because everything's so complex. If that makes sense. ...It wasn't always like that, though. I wrote my first fic with barely any notes at all and remembered every little thing, but it was easier because I was younger and daydreamed about the story pretty much constantly.
    XD No, it makes sense. It's a... bold way of keeping track of your story, for lack of a better word. Is it even easy to remember things like the layout of Tethys? Reading Time and Tide, it seems like a large complex city that I'd never be able to just picture in my head when I needed to.
    Heh. XD May I ask how you organize your notes with all those ideas? I've found it nearly impossible to organize with all my ideas that either are related to one specific story, all stories, or just a couple. I'm... not too worried about it since I have a pretty good memory and have little trouble finding a single sentence in long wall-of-text document without using ctrl+f, but I enjoy hearing how other people work with their notes. XD
    Nah, not a bad thing to have too many ideas - as long as you don't let it prevent you from not writing the story because it gets too overwhelming. XD And heh, I guess you won't be posting those shorter stories if they're not finished. Snippets would be kind of cool to read, though.
    Is it bad I'd have wanted all of these ideas to play out some way? XD That wouldn't make for good "narrative and thematic coherence" as you wanted, though. I'm the kind of writer that hates throwing out ideas... and now I think about it, I don't think I could write an interactive story like A Leash of Foxes on the forum for that reason. And I should point out that I'm particularly glad hs.ang didn't end up getting forgotten - those scenes were probably my favorite near the end.
    Heh, I'd be curious to know what these other "possible routes" were and compare them to what actually ended up happening. :p
    I did miss the whole interactive thing, but I'm not sure I would've posted as it was running anyway. XD I'd be too shy/scared to steer the story the wrong way or something. But yeah, I did enjoy it immensely.
    Congrats on the all the wins for this year's awards! Seeing A Leash of Foxes on the ballot reminded me I never told you that I finished reading it and immensely enjoyed it - the writing style, the worldbuilding, the plot, everything. Time and Tide is on my list of fics to start reading relatively soon. Am looking forward to it!
    Hello. I hope you've been doing well. Just dropping by to say sorry I haven't replied - I've been having a rough time lately and just took a break from writing and whatnot.
    It's fine! The school offered me an interview and they are letting me know their admissions decision by the end of the week. :) It looks hopeful.

    Oh, now that's interesting - trying to be surprising, I mean. XD That takes a lot of guts, I think. I mean, speculation I think in part might be slightly biased. The readers could be anticipate what they want to see sometimes, and turning in the other direction might have caused negative reviews. If that makes sense? I don't know!

    Ah, I started when I was eight as well. :C Some I posted on a site, but my "pride and joy" so to speak was handwritten over the course of about ten spiral notebooks. I threw them out. I think I'd be embarrassed to read them again - the comedy would rather horrify me - and I know this because I recently read my college journals over and was embarrassed as all hell. XD

    Well, that is a good point. May or may not post it still - have been busy last few days, oh boy oh boy. I'm too shy about my original writing...
    That makes sense, yeah! And thanks! I've had 3 interviews so far and one job offer - but the job offer is for a bank, so it's not quite in my field. Waiting a couple more days to see if I can get anything else before I accept that offer.

    Heh, I forget about stuff I've done too - especially if it's not personal or meaningful to me in some way. Since we're talking a bit about poetry, I'll also mention here that I used to write about topics I didn't care about because I thought others might want to read about them. That has always been one of my biggest problems, pleasing the readers too much. xD Oops. And hah, I wish I still had what I wrote at age 12! And speaking of your work, my Kindle says I'm 93% through A Leash of Foxes. Getting there!

    I may start a poetry thread on Bulbagarden, since poetry is kind of a thing there. I guess I can link it to you, if I do start it and you're interested. It would just be haiku though - I started a mindfulness project with it a while ago: write one poem a day about one of the senses, or a specific emotion that I was feeling that day. I stopped for a while but I want to get back into it. And that's good you pay attention to detail! I get lazy and just call all my work free verse. Yeah, I'm awesome.

    If you notice any typos, I'd be happy if you pointed them out. Formatting should be okay. Just making sure things make sense, that things aren't too wordy, and organization. How can I send them to you? Also, the deadline for them is July 9... So it's okay if you can't read them since the deadline's that soon. xD I've had my SO edit them already, I just want a second opinion, you know?
    Haha, it's okay, it happens! And yeah. I just signed a lease with an apartment, so I'm stuck in town for at least 3 months. Am searching for either a full-time job, or I'll attend school. Ideally I'll be able to choose one or the other, while not having to break my lease at the same time and lose out on money. And well, no need to stay where you are if you don't like it! :) Traveling makes you a more well rounded person anyway, I believe.

    That is true. I only wish I had gotten a beta and had started posting my fics as I started writing them, rather than waiting and just not showing anyone my work. XD

    Huh, I've never quite thought of poetry as a difficult word game. It does make it hard to focus on a lot of essential aspects of poetry. XD And my poetry's not that great, believe me, but I'll accept your impressed-ness anyway. XD

    Actually, I didn't get a break. I've been working on essays for graduate school. :\ Speaking of which, I'm looking for someone to look over the edited versions of my essays - there's 4 total right now, 1 page each. Didn't know if you'd have time/would be interested?
    And once again, I'm not very prompt. ;) But ah, okay, your statement about being in a different environment makes sense now. I don't think I myself could go somewhere else - in fact, I'm applying to online programs right now so I can stay put where I am. Hoping it works out.

    Hah, well, thanks! Though I wonder if it seems silly to indeed be so dedicated to a pokemon fic. xD In short, though, writing isn't my job and it's cathartic, so why not write and try at it, so I can get the most out of it? And huh, I haven't quite ventured into original fiction yet (just original poetry), but I do plan to someday. I'll have to compare notes on the two, but I have a feeling I'll always prefer fanfic.

    Cherish distraction, eh? I'll keep it in mind. I do have to get the next LaON chapter out by the 21st to have the chapter be eligible on another forum's awards, but after that I'll give myself a break ;)
    For some reason I had just assumed that you took art classes at the same school where you'd be taking English classes, thus you were just in the same area. That's how I'd do it in good ol' America, anyway. xD Sorry for the late response, by the way - I in fact had a UK visitor over at my place for a few days, so have been busy.

    For my fic Survival Project, I found editing to be... Well, not easy, but almost fun. It was just messing around with the language and making it stronger, rather than writing in brand new subplots or anything like that, like I need to do with LaON. It's also tricky because I want to add just enough so that it doesn't warrant a re-readthrough for current readers. And it's true I don't have to edit, but I tend to treat my fanfic like I'll get paid for it somehow, though I know in reality I won't.

    Heh, well those are all to your advantage, I suppose. Teach me self-discipline! I should write more - I certainly have the time - but I tend to get distracted. Reading doesn't make me want to write - but rather, to read more. xD I'm currently juggling, oh, maybe 12 stories between all 3 sites I'm on. Maybe more.
    Ah, okay. I think I might have used the year off myself, but that's just me. In fact, I regret going straight to college after high school the way I did. XD Besides, I've never been an artsy person. Unless you count writing.

    Well, then! I'm glad it works for you. XD I don't quite have the knowledge an English major would have, but I have noticed my reading of recent fanfics/novels to be a little more critical than normal. I think it's because I want to go through LaON and improve description quite a bit, but... Well, I'm not quite sure how, or where to start. Rewriting isn't really my goal, I know that much.

    Ah, yes, one of my least favorite things about being a writer - not being able to look at your own work and know what you're doing right or wrong some of the time. And I'll look into it for sure. In my experience, I've noticed how Serebii revewers have a knack for being able to tell if character voices are/aren't distinct. I'd trust them if they say they're distinct for sure. :~)

    Oh, my. Sounds like you've got a lot of writing on your plate now. :p How -do- you write so much and update so often, anyway?
    Oh, okay, that makes a lot of sense! So no longer in art school, huh? What made you change studies?

    Do you find the degree useful or do you kinda wish you could switch off that way of reading sometimes? I find I have to be in a really specific mood to be able to read that way, and... it doesn't happen often. I still prefer to read casually. XD And huh, I actually found myself getting a lot of ideas for all my fics by reading about writing. Maybe I'm strange.

    No, that makes perfect sense. I use multiple narrators too (you write first person with yours, if my skimming has proved to be fruitful in at least realizing that?) and so Time and Tide might have to be next on my list to see how a pokemon fic deals with that. I haven't seen many fics like that out there, and I also had a hard time finding books written about first person at the library. > < First person is considered the bane of a writer's existence, or something.

    Haha, oh no! Are they ideas for pokemon fic as well? And I've gotten through about half of A Leash of Foxes now. I'll let you know my thoughts when I finish, but I can say I'm enjoying it so far. :)
    Guess I asked too early, didn't I. XD Well, how about now? And how did you manage to not take an exam for 3 years?

    I think what I should do is buy a book specifically on first person. Since that's all I write, it might be beneficial and help me to find that balance my writing needs. :\ *has been reading too many other books on writing lately*

    Poetic styles are some of my favorites, but it puts so many people off that I'm not sure I'd want to explore it consistently in my own writing. Slips in a lot still, but I try to keep the poetics to a minimum. Guess I'll stick to real poetry for that. And hmm, I'm not sure if I follow (though it may be because I haven't slept recently). Care to provide an example? :p

    I actually got sidetracked trying to write my 2 fics because they were due for updates, but it is definitely on my mind still. :p
    Ah, okay. Sorry if it seemed like I was undermining that experience with trying to generalize it to everyone else's experience. Seems kind of rude of me, now that I think about it. :~)

    That's an interesting point. Still, it's certainly something to work on. Did you know love and other nightmares was originally supposed to be in third person? Then it had a lot of description, but the readers I had at that point thought it was too poetic. I think my poetic description style (which I only really get to take advantage of in my Flying in the Dark fic) kind of turns me away from writing about the physical world, because it doesn't fit in with most of my character's voices. If that makes sense.

    Well, how are the exams going? It's mid-week, so I thought I'd ask. :~)

    The Kindle fixed itself, and I finished American Gods. I spent a good couple hours copying/pasting A Leash of Foxes into a document, with bold text, italics, and all that. I'm not too far in yet so I can't make many comments, but I'm looking forward to it!
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