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  • That was definitely one of the best responses to a review I've received. Haikus make everything better. I don't generally send friend requests on this forum, but it felt necessary in this case. :) Or.
    OK. Thanks for that; if it turns out not to come to anything, I might consider switching to IMG200 - for visual effect if nothing else. Any image has greater impact than a link, I suppose, even if it is almost completely unrepresentative of what the actual picture looks like.
    Fair enough then.

    What I can do is try to bug an admin to get it changed rn but that's partly a matter of luck with the timing.
    I did try IMG200, but that compresses the images to such a size that you can't actually see them (they're technical pen on paper, you see). If you think it'd be better if they were IMG200, then I'll change it, but I wasn't too keen on how it turned out.
    A hint - you'll want to use [IMG200] tags rather than
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