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Sep 7, 2008
Jun 24, 2008
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Active Member, from Australia.

Cutthroat was last seen:
Sep 7, 2008
    1. \*:{*X=Vespilotic=X*}:*/
      Damn that sucks, I have both versions but my diamond has more pokemon that my pearl, even though I always wanted to get pearl, I had to get diamond cuz is was the ONLY one left in the gamestop, and this guy behind me was gonna get the game as well, so I was the last one to get the game, and the ran out of stock that same day, a couple of days later my mom got me pearl. Sorry for writing so much..........................
    2. \*:{*X=Vespilotic=X*}:*/
      This is not a spam, i just wanna see peoples different opinions on Beautiful Pokemon, I have made a group called Beautiful and Cute Pokemon, and here is the direct link if any of you want to post your comments -

    3. \*:{*X=Vespilotic=X*}:*/
      Damn that sucks...well wat version are you playing? Oh, dont worry about it, it's your choice if you wanna listen to the different comments people make, but it's your team, and you could make however you want it to be, each persons team is personal :]
    4. Shine
      Yeah, for ingame. But you are free to add EVs and get good IVs if you wish, of course.
    5. \*:{*X=Vespilotic=X*}:*/
      Hey, well i think Astral Archer, is right of wat he said in your forum, i think garchomp will weaken your team a bit, he's right about having a special pk, instead of another physical one....soryy about that! :)
    6. Shine
      Yep, don't worry about IVs unless you wants to spend a lot of time catching a lot of Ditto and breeding for perfect IVs ;)
    7. Shine
      Well, it's not like I know the movesets for all the Pokemon......
      But I'll try to help if I can. And I'm not really good at EVs, that's for Competitive, I don't do Competitive RMT :p
      About IVs, that's only if you wants to spend a lot of time catching a lot of Ditto and breeding for perfect IVs....otherwise, just nevermind about it.

      Rampardos @ Choice Scarf
      Adamant Nature
      ~Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Head Smash
      ~Zen Headbutt

      can works ingame, I guess.
    8. \*:{*X=Vespilotic=X*}:*/
      Sorry about the grammatical errors........hahaha!! XD
    9. \*:{*X=Vespilotic=X*}:*/
      Well I've playing for almost three years, so i got used to everything there is to pokemon. I have Diamond/Pearl/Emerald/Leafgreen and XD- Gale of Darkness, wat about you....wat game do you have? O.O?
    10. \*:{*X=Vespilotic=X*}:*/
      Hey..well I think you should have a water type, those come in handy, (Lumeion, floatzel, quagsire, ect.) and as for your last pok. i think Garchomp will fit you perfectly! :D
      Hope it helps you, if not send me a message and i will be more than happy to help u!!! :)
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    I don't EV/IV train. I don't spend days creating a "perfect" pokemon. I don't breed concessively. Nor do I live my life through the game.​
    I just play.