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  • Eh. R4 or cart, the shinies are still the same. :/

    R4s corrupting is really rare. I've had mine for over a year now and only now did it corrupt, once, and it was most likely the actual DS Lite's fault, as it has problems reading the cartridges sometimes. You'd be surprised how safe R4s actually are, and if you have shinies on the saves, you can back them up every now and then. I just got cocky and didn't do that, thinking my R4 would never screw up. :S

    Niflheim was found and caught on my English HeartGold cart, so he's fine. <: Unfortunately I had to lose some of my dearest shinies, but getting them back is excellent motivation for me to hunt, and I'm grateful that I never returned my shiny Quagsire to that save (as I found him on that save and traded him to Plat for EV training).
    Yeah i'm in a race car i guess. I was busy doing some srings for uxie before the tour started. I do like him. I'm actually thinking of retrying for that one but i also want to do some hunts in my hoenn games as i don't have to much shinies in those. (Mudkip/beldum) So i'm going for torchic for a while now and then start up a shiny adventure in there.
    Finally your 4th shiny for the tour, where are you, i'm 2 ahead of you. Throw away the bike and take the car and speed up will ya. LOL

    Grats on the hoothoot. Are you planning on evolving it? I'm now a bit busy with my poliwag hunt. 6 boxes of eggs done now and i've done 4 a long time ago. Lets see oh yeah eevee still refuses to shine for me :( which sucks cause i really have been hunting it for a long time now (on and off). Oh well i cant complain. Tomorrow it's back at doing encounters for the shiny tour.
    Thankyou! It so nice to get a wee comment outside fo the club =] Yeah it is very special to me and i already have a shiny crown for it =P

    I have to say if i put as much persistence and focus into that hunt as i do into my college work i would get much better grades haha!

    How are your hunts comming? I cannot remember what you're hunting for sorry =/ So many people put up what they are doing it's sometimes hard to keep track.

    In fact i have yet to look into the club today yet so that is what i will do.
    Heh thanks, yeah it seems that me and kirk are having some HG/SS tour leader issues (jk).

    I'm glad it has become tentacool, seel i would not have liked that much. I'm busy doing some grimer now. Although i decided to do 1000 then do a box of poliwags in my pearl game. To have something different in a while, i also want to have some pokémon i can put into PokéRanch on my wii system. I'de love to have that mew which is in there :). And MM method is the best way to fill it up in my opinion. On one hand i hope it does shine soon on the other it can take a while. I'll stop for a moment if i have all my boxes full :p prolly not going to take up that much of space i hope. There is actully nothing in that game anymore exept for a few events and some other random pokés so it's quiet alot of space :).

    In the meantime between all of that i sometime do a few eevee srings (mostly on the street => underway).

    Anyways i'm going to get to 500 grimers now and get a few more eevee srings in there before i get some sleep.

    Yeah i'm still going to hunt in the BCC, as there are just so many other possible shinies to obtain.

    At the moment, i'm going to keep the Weedle and Beedrill untouched(like i do with most of my shinies).

    If however i find another shiny of either one, then i'll fully evolve it and EV train it. I'm sort of hoping for a Shiny Kakuna at some point, so i can have the complete evo line in shiny form.
    Haha, aware I was. :] I was speechless for the longest time I couldn't even breath right 8D My first legendary shiny, and I've moved back to Suicune for now. :] Might go to Lugia if I'm bored. Thanks for your luck then, :D I wish you the best with your other hunts!

    (I was incredibly jealous of your bird trio shiny, Koffing, and Tentacool) :p
    Why thankyou :3. I was a little disappointed with my painting job at first, but then I looked at it from a distance, and it wasn’t so bad. I’m thinking of doing Gligar next, it’s an easy one and I’ll have more experience.

    Yeah, I really do want that Ho-Oh bad :p I’ve been Sring since the 30th of March, with only a few breaks in between. Funny thing about the figure is that I kept looking at my desk and seeing a normal Ho-Oh, and me being a very superstitious person, I decided that it was a negative thing to have in my room and it would attract normal Ho-Oh. I know that sounds pretty stupid, but that’s how desperate I am for a shiny Ho-Oh.

    And I must agree with you about it being more valuable if I get it by SR. I think when I get this shiny, it’s going to become the most valuable one I own.

    Good luck with your Kyogre. It seems you’ve done lots of SRs for it, so you sure deserve it!
    Cutty, I wish I knew what happened to it. There was a two week period where I didn't play it due to VGC training and preparation, because I had no EV'd team. When I turned it on to play, I got that horrid message. I'm not a cheater, and never use cheating devices, so I was really confused .. maybe something hit it or it got wet or something, I'm still not sure and I guess I'll never be. :/ It's okay, I'm happy with my new Cyndaquil! (Now a Typhlosion!)

    Concerning Kyogre, I am pretty sure its a useless hunt as well .. I'm well into my fourth week of SRing, and that pink nonsense is nowhere to be found! :/
    Oh yeah, that makes sense.

    My parents are from Africa, and they're really excited about the World Cup.

    I don't mind you mentioning it in the club, but please keep your posts mainly abotu shiny Pokemon. That's what the club is for, after all.
    Got him on emulator. I used a code (unfortunately) to reach Mirage Island, and then encountered as normal with a Run Away Doduo up front. Darn thing showed up so quickly!! Only around 2000 encounters, maybe less! O:
    Ah finnally it took soo long, slooooow :p (jk)

    And a fine BCC shiny it has become :) congrats.

    Indeed now the real competition can start. Me and kirk are ahead so you need to follow soon. I'm going to do some route 47 encounters right now to try and get a leap further :) and get back to lead :). Kirk is doing more srings than encounters atm so i need to use that time :).
    Heh thanks for rooting, get this BCC shiny will ya, then the real competition can start :p.

    Oh yeah i was actully amazed by the encounter rate when using magnet pull. It's like every 3 steps you run into one. (In figure of speak/speech).

    Yeah it would be soooo amazing if i could get this staryu to show op shiny, but i think its going be the least one of the three which is seel. It's nice shiny too but i rather have tenta or staryu.

    Anyways good luck on the hunts.
    Heh lets keep the luck at our camp shall we?

    Drifloon is awesome one of my gf favorite pokémon :) so i'll be forced to sring for one some day. Congrats on it :)

    And good luck on the next hunts.
    Heh thanks, for the no good luck there :)

    I'm having sooo much luck right now. I'm going to start hunting my skarmory after i had something to eat :). We had good weather now it's turning grey outside so i'll stay in and hunt for the HG/SS tour. Hope to get in 1500 skar's today. Or a shiny pops up before that.

    You wanted to know which pokémons are in the BCC right? Here is a link for ya which should help you. I hope you find one soon. Oh and the whirlwinders are Butterfree, dustox and Beautifly if i'm not mistaken. Just make yourself a smeargle (Taunt, False Swipe, Spore, INGRAIN) ingrain keeps you in play for the whirlwinders taunt is good for hunting teleporters.

    oh yeah and NO Good luck to you to there.
    I've found alot of shinies on emulator. ^^;; I'll list 'em when I can, but right now I'm about to head off somewhere.

    As long as you don't leave the floor Lapras is in, it won't disappear, so you don't need to change the day. :)
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