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  • I'd like to help with your apprenticing.
    Also the OP says 6 Successful Defends, I guess that's for those who join and lose all battles, idk.
    No I'm trying to get a full time job and move out ASAFP

    What job do you actually do?

    It can be done anywhere technically. You just need to put the signposts up.

    And Pixels!! :D no not a horror person. Superhero stuff me likes

    You got a lot of experience with bad pussies? ;)
    Soz for late reply.
    College is an optional course that one may partake on between the ages of 16-18 before heading to uni to study for a degree.
    You can study lots of different things and it's basically an extra qualification that not everyone will have so it gives you an advantage. College is normally 2 years whilst uni is 3-4 years normally depending on if you take a placement year or not.

    Save up then lol

    Has one googled orienteering yet?

    Still need to watch minions. Just saw ted 2. Absolutely brilliant. Hilarious.

    Yh it seems to have a lot of hype. I will watch it for the sake of it tbh.
    M:I 5 soon :D

    Also, your cat ate your game cartridge? XD
    hey cutty left a message in trinty since my online time is sporadic like crazy. I need you to train with three other leaders in trinity so you can start your apprenticeship for me :3 I talk to cryuel she said that is fine to do as well which twinyoshi told me about it as well.
    I haven't read all the comics, just enough as a kid onwards to get a different perspective on things. I wish they would just show the war and how they keep human enslavement camps, while rebel forces break them down and try to fight for survival. That's the future in the series, gritty and raw. Not this drawn out battle of one model protecting one special guy that somehow saves the future from ALL terminators. I'll definitely check out the movie sometime though! :)
    I thought Torterra was a tortoise? Regardless, that would be awesome if you are willing to help out with that. I'm trying to get some good themed prizes for the tourney so fingers crossed.
    Well, if I were to watch the movies without knowing the comic series it would definitely be better. I didn't like the third movie onwards. First one was a classic. I personally loved the second one. Third one made no sense due to contradictions in the plot. Didn't like the newer one with Christian Bale because it neither answered much, nor did it really show the terminator war; or even how the apocalyptic future really was. It also tried correcting the third movies mistakes story-wise but in a way that said "hey, pretend that movie never existed and listen to this one!" Pretty much, the movies keep telling us of a great war, and that John Connor is the hero. Yet, we don't ever really get to see these things. Yet somehow, based on the movies his friend there from the future is also his father which would create a continuous loop. The plot right there is already screwed and that's the first film. They tried this in bioshock infinite (which I liked) but failed because it is literally impossible. As far as entertainment though, it's not bad. ^^' sorry for the long rant/message.
    Your Pokemon are done and ready. Entei and Virizion (got it back) are ready to be traded.

    And on another note, I see that Artorius left you a VM in regards to THAT post in the league. There was a similar one on Fairy's profile, and my response is there. Sort of. In short, "maybe they're just intimidated by the awesomeness" was a joke. I don't know how many people took that seriously. So far, everyone who has battled me in Triples thought my team was hilarious, which was the idea.
    I am super sorry for being nosy, but I saw a bit of your chat and wanted to ask....how was the new terminator movie? Do they actually get the story straight with this one like in the comics, or did this one fail too? :U
    Not very dedicated are you lad?

    I am. English college is different to the american version of college if that is what has you confused. When I say college I don't mean a 3-4 year programme where you come out with a degree at the end.

    Ahhh so you are still obsessed with her ;)
    Just wanna expericne the culture and go sightseeing and eat german food and stuff. Beaches and tropical islands bore me.

    How often do you go hiking then? You ever tried orienteering?

    I haven't seen the originals tbh which is the main reason. I will watch it when I see the original. Although I doubt it will have the same effect. Just like if I watch star wars now, I doubt I will enjoy it as much than if I watched them 10 years ago since I've already seen lots of star wars references and spoilers through other tv shows/films so it won't be the same.

    Minions is next on my list followed by Ted 2 which I'm more excited for :D
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