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  • hey ur a fellow christian!!! cool..i would train em for you but i cnt cuz u play 5th gen..theres alot of mean people on here so you'll have to be careful who u ask..just have thick skin and you'll find someone
    Thanks...VM me when you get online. And yeah, this is because I'll be going off soon to study a bit for a math test tomorrow...sorry for the inconvenience caused, hope it isn't too great...
    Erm...to be honest, I can't exactly trade now. I got a test tomorrow...why can't it be later 10pm? I mean its not quite late over there since we are in the same time zone...
    Tonight STRONGLY preferred. next week i have to study for my end of year exam. Hence my time online will be severely cut down.
    I would love the trade but we are 12 hours apart!
    My times to trade are 10am-5pm GMT-4 on Saturdays only if you pick a time. But that is PM-AM for you.
    If you still want to trade I am willing to go until 6 at the latest.
    I hate that we are in such different time zones, and I cant negotiate times because I have no wifi at home and rely on a library's wifi
    Hi, when can you trade again? How about Saturday GMT+8 10pm? I hope it isn't too much of a problem because the next day is Sunday...VM me with your response thanks.
    Hmm...ok then. If you can get the ferroseed( you'll have to RNG most likely ) then I will definitely trade the zorua. If you can't get it some by the end of this week, we will have to hold off our trade till end October because my exams are around the corner.
    Actually I don't really mind kyogre. It should be original...
    Please indicate whether you still want the zorua. I would prefer the ferroseed I requested 4 posts below, but your shiny kyogre would do fine as well(though I'm not too keen). Thanks
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