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Last Activity:
Dec 27, 2013
Jan 31, 2013
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Catching em' all!

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Don't Blink!

cwertle was last seen:
Dec 27, 2013
    1. WingBlast
      Oh, ok well I will tell you waht other pokemon I'll be needinf later...but it is most probably female Espurr :)
      Oh, you mean what I'm going to give you for Lucaria/ Gardevoir and Eevee? I told you...a 5 IVs Noibat ( UT), a 4 IVS Noibat (UT) and a 3 IVS Charmander.
      Thanks for the thumbs up. Will clear some messages now :)
    2. ace-of-aces
      Hey, I'm looking for a shiny in the Beldum line. I can give you a shiny Vivillon (modern) and A Relicanth. I don't know if it was chain fishing, for I received it in a trade. Pm me back ASAP.
    3. Floette
      I was looking for a perfect Florges-line pokemon, but its okay, but thanks :)
    4. Floette
      Do you take IV breeding requests? Obviously in exchange for something :S
    5. Mye
      If possible, I may need your shop to help me with something huge. Over the past little while I've been playing online competitive battles in x and y, and after being demolished by the japanese like pearl harbor, I've decided to finally revamp my entire team and hopefully teach those saki-swigging bastards a lesson. I seek a chansey, lucario, blaziken, azumarill, ferrothorn, heracross, pinsir, scizor, togekiss, aegislash, and carbink. Movesets, ev's, iv's, and abilities will be provided should your troupe wish to accept this request, and as for "payment", I have 600bp in addition to dozens of lv100's and semi-flawless legendaries. Really just a matter of what your troupe wants for those pkmn.
    6. Doobius
      hey, id like to add you to friend safari. 3DS Friend Code: Doobius - 1607-2505-9784 Safari Type: Electric - Pikachu-Dedenne-Luxio
    7. cwertle
      Yesh, he did. :3

      Where you the one to originally own him?
    8. Monek_OP
      I hope Slowpoke went to a good home!
    9. Eeveemaster
      Hey there can you add me for the friend safari? My FC is on my zig what's yours?
    10. Kiara
      I added you and would really love to be added back! I've been looking for a safari with braixen *o* (3625-8438-5046 is mine)
    11. cwertle
      Edit - it's braxien
    12. cwertle
      Epic, thanks! Feel free to to reap the rewards. Also, there isn't a third pokemon?
    13. QuoteMissy
      Congratulations! You have a Fire Safari with Charmeleon and Growlithe!

      EDIT: dracon1 beat me to the news :p
    14. cwertle
      Added you, thanks!
    15. TheFonz
      Hi! I added you 3DS FC! I can tell you your type and Pokémon if you want, here's mine:

      FC: 4382 2456 8353
      Type: Fire with Slugma and Growlithe, not sure of third one
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    Catching em' all!
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