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  • And while the dancer's strength is pretty low it's not completely awful like most of the other recent ones, and the reclassing system can fix that even more.

    I reclassed into a Myrmidon and back so I could just be a mage that crits all the time.
    In 4 and 5 most staff users could use another weapon, and dancers could use swords. The latter is brought back for awakening.
    However it does have the hilarious factor of move and con being a level up stat, and having heal staffs being able to heal twice very rarely. Honestly Thracia is like a prototype of the later games if you look at it.
    Dattebayo is more lovable though. He's like the Billymc from Retsupurae, where he's just endearing enough to get rid of some of the annoyance factor.

    And Genealogy of the Holy War is the super incest one, as the villain plot is literally to get two half siblings to bone each other. And Thracia is the super hard one. And it's a mix of "Classic video game hard" and "Let's stack the odds against you a lot" hard. For example, everyone but the main lord has stamina meters, heal staffs can miss, mounted units have to dismount in indoor chapters and take heavy stat losses, and all stats except HP are capped at 20. SA has great lps of each of them on the LP archive.
    I really hope this shows Nintendo that the other Fire Emblem games should be brought over here. Including the super incest one and the incredibly hard one.

    And Dattebayo was either the best troll or the worst at hiding their weirdness.
    Well it was already in bad shape, that's why topics have to be approved before they're shown to everyone.

    And I already have the game, because I've been waiting a damn year for it.
    It's funny how on every forum I go to I never talk about the main thing the forum is about.

    And there have been some new things added to the swear filter if I recall.
    You missed the bit where one thread in clubs got shut down and all the members went to misc instead.

    It was like a train wreck, and not the fun kind.
    Well if this place had a hall of shame it would be way too goddamn big.

    The funny thing is I was pretty inactive outside of going on the chat for misc, and I became mod so I actually have to do stuff.
    No, it pretty much all got deleted after it happened, like with Latios and PsiUmbrion

    And yeah that feature kind of sucks.
    It wasn't Sea level, but wasn't the generic forum spazzing either.

    Then again Sea brought it to a whole new level.
    Is spazzing out considered humorous these days? I know a lot of talentless hacks abuse spazzing, so I'm not sure anymore.
    The funny thing is he did it to himself more than anything, so that presents a weird conundrum
    Sacrifice something to someone I assume, hopefully you get the things right.
    One where instead of the strong thriving, it's the weird ones that do instead.
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