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  • Oh, One Piece stuff? I hear pirates who can't swim are all the rage in the anime community, sure.

    Peeps lacking me are not cool peeps.

    You disappear for who-knows-how-long and then just come back and start spitting on the quality level of my forum? Your username may inspire delightful visions of the aquamarine, but your signature inspires a much darker hue in the hearts of our community.

    I demand explanation and penitence!
    Battle Franky needs a phoenix down, and I used all mine reviving Clint Eastwood.
    Depends on what aspect you liked. Red is my favorite album from them; heavy prog rock that hits all the right notes. Larks' Tongue in Aspic indulges into their more atonal and experimental side. Discipline is a really fun album; the Talking Heads influence is worn on their sleeve. Lizard is underrated, I find; it takes the jazz influence in the band and brings it out more to the forefront.
    It was a bit yea, but it was also due the fact everyone went on about it being such a legendary album, I felt I had to find out for myself.
    You might want to consider editing your post in the Misc. awards topic Cyan, you can only use one name per category, if not, none of your votes are counted.
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