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Recent content by CyanFox27

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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

    How about the pangolin? http://www.truthfromfacts.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/pangolin.jpg Sawfish are pretty b.a. themselves: http://www.healthstones.com/ocean_life_store/monterey_bay_aquarium/sawfish/sawfish.jpg I can see either of these being combined with the Steel type. A...
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    I use the links at the bottom of Wikipedia articles as byways to more legitimate (according to my professors) sites when it comes to actual school projects. If I was found quoting anything off of the site in itself as fact, I would be penalized. Still, despite its inaccuracies, I don't think...
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    Am I too Old?

    I'm deeply ashamed of still liking Pokemon at age 18, but I really do enjoy the games, even if they've been typified by my fellow RPG maniacs as 'RPG's for small children and the immature'...I'm just careful about who I tell. Heck, I never had access to the GBA Pokemon games because my father...
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    Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?

    The only one I had trouble with was Lucian, as his Bronzong kept taking out my Infernape and his Alakazam managed to pick off what was left. I went back, trained, and KO'ed the thing with Fire Blast in one round. I also managed to beat Cynthia my first time around, although her Milotic proved...
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    What's your LEAST favorite Pokemon/Type?

    My least favorite Pokemon is definitely Luvdisc. I've been claiming that Dunsparce is my least favorite, but at least you can get some mileage out of that thing. Luvdisc, on the other hand, is usless. USELESS, I say! And the stupid thing doesn't even evolve! As for type, I don't hate poison...
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    Will every Pokemon have an evolution?

    I like the idea of having some single-stage only pokemon, but there are a few ones out there who could really, really benefit from an evolution. (I think I'd actually use Pachirisu if it evolved, and I know that there are a few other single-stage pokemon that are rather weak on their own as of...
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    I read them quite thoroughly, don't worry. And I do plan on sticking around. The only times I leave websites are when I get fed up with the general community or grow bored of it, and I don't see that happening. Don't worry.
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    Whoa, sorry about that. Actually, I live in Georgia, one of the southernmost cities, to be exact. I wish I lived in Europe... I apologize for that. And thanks for the welcome. :)
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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    I'm 18 years old and have also been with the fandom since the days of Red and Blue. I remember when my younger brother and I were in elementary school and would come home...he'd get his copy of Red, I'd get my copy of Blue, and we'd link battle and do the occasional trade. Those were the days...
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    Do you have any regrets on D/P?

    I regret wasting my Master Ball on Palkia, and not stocking up on Dusk or Timer Balls before I visited the Spear Pillar, which resulted in me making the former poor decision. I've only had this game for a month, so I'm sure there will be more regrets where this came from...
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    How far do you go when training a team (IVs EVs Natures)

    Same here. I do feel a little bad for being a Pokefan for almost a decade and still knowing little about EV training...
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    The Nicknaming Thread

    I nickname every single Pokemon I get, usually on sight and normally based on the first thing that pops into my head. I sometimes name them after video game or anime characters (I have a Gallade named Saionjii, a Glaceon named Edea, and a Lopunny named Fran), but usually I just name them based...
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    Okay, time to make a good first impression.

    HEY EVRY1 LIKES NARUTO U SILLY PERSON And that was my sad attempt at trying to be funny. Hello, glad to meet you. I am also new here.
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    I've been lurking around here for a while now, and decided to join just a moment ago. I'm Cyan. I'm a college student who's been a fan of the Pokemon games since they first came over here and just recently got back into them (having been deemed 'too old' and thus forbidden from going near...
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    Hi, I'm new too! Hope to see you around.