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  • Hahaha! At least you don't have to spar with her, my girlfriend goes to the same martial arts dojo as I do, and whenever we spar, she's just brutal!
    As in my team for Platnium and a trainer sprite.
    Blaze said "Screw School!"
    You've been on more frequently than lunarshadow, he hasn't been on since the 30th of August. That's over two weeks!
    I sort of want to sig what BlazeFusion just posted, but I'm getting a team pose from Luxraymaster soon(hopefully), so I won't have room. SOOOOO... How's life for you, CBZK?
    You have no idea how frusturating being a Junior in high school is. My life (or lack of a life) is offically over, starting Wednesday. The chapter is coming so slowly, it might as well be at a standstill. I can't figure out how to advance it after the reunion of all the friends. This is gonna be tough.
    Hey CyberBlaze, do you read Pokemon POV fics? b/c I just wrote one, and I'm looking for people to critique it. nothing so far. If you're interested, it's the second link in my sig.
    Band Camp... BLEAH! XP Sorry, I just got done with another repettitive practice scession.
    My story is becoming... complicated. My next chapter is at the twenty page mark, and it'll probably be 25 by the time I'm done. I'll have to split it into two to three chapters just to make it work.
    GMT what?? Sorry, the only thing I know about that is that its on the bottom of the page XD Well, it says GMT -5 so I guess that's what it is. Sorry that I'm a clueless/helpless person.
    Heh that happens to me alot. I go on the forums, and find out that I have a message 20 minutes ago.
    Thanks, I've always liked fanarts when they look a little younger. With there big eyes, and they're shorter, just SUPERY kawaii, imo.
    I'm alright, band has struck again tho, so my next chapter is coming along slowly.
    Band Camp ends at the end of August, but Band Season continues through October, with state finals on Holloween.
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