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Last Activity:
Aug 30, 2017
Aug 21, 2006
Likes Received:
Jul 16, 1995 (Age: 24)
Caption Contest

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A la lune!, 24, from Caption Contest

cybermew was last seen:
Aug 30, 2017
    1. DragonXmicro
      How are you?
    2. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      Hey, cybermew, I want to restart the caption contest, and have sent VMs to various possible judges.

      I'm a little unsure about asking you, I know you had trouble finding the time to participate, but do you want to resume your role as judge?
    3. pikalax
      ... D911 has been inactive since last week, could you please step in and close/judge/etc the contest?
    4. TheNorthWind
      A kid who likes Pokemon.
    5. darklord18
      well when I can I send it to you. my DS is dead.

      I mean the Majectic Dragon deck.

      I don't go to regional and all that, they too far from were I live
    6. darklord18
      well WC10 I imported.

      well I find Spider to be interesting and okay wiht the right cards and this is from a CB user which CB are no were good against LS, BW, DAD.

      okay um PM me the link

      what you mean Caius em mass.
      I try Morphatronics didn't like, Reptillannes, no thanks, Blackwing I already have a prefect deck.

      I have a look thanks
    7. darklord18
      hi how are you?

      um just wondering if you play yugioh World 10 on the DS and if so do you have any good deck ideas for a Spider deck, a Majestic deck, and a Inta deck? (I use one and it pretty good.)
    8. ThousandMaster
      I was not aware of that, but if I overreacted, it's because I haven't been in exactly the best of moods lately, so you'll have to forgive me for not reacting kindly to rude comments, whether or not they're meant seriously. Still, thank you for clarifying.
    9. darklord18
      hi what up?

      me well I doing good just playing TF4
    10. darklord18
      okay thanks.

      yeah with Gale limit, those would be the key cards.

      yeah I agree with you there when Cyber were great deck in the old days I was very good but now I mainly use CB as my main.
    11. darklord18
      I thought you could with the Tag force games.

      yeah though I new to the blackwings so may I ask why?

      I might ask my mum next week she hate me spedning too much money even though I 20 lol.

      well I have to disagree with you it not the card it the user who make it good or bad. I can't use Zombie cards for example I just don't get their gameplay but I a great CB user while my friend it great with Zombie, Dinosuars.
    12. darklord18
      sorry for the late reply but yeah check my last VM.
    13. darklord18
      just looking for a new deck to buy of the internet.

      found a blackwing one but should I wait till after Shining darkness to be release worldwide?

      also I regerting that I trade my EI to my friend as I got cards that work wiht it now. :(

      also getting Tag force 4.

      um do you have any of the TF games on PSP if so would you like to duel?
    14. darklord18
      hi how are you today?
    15. VampirateMace
      Hey, pretty good. Having trouble deciding what to do for the next RPG..
    16. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      For my options (I assume you mean GCSE options) I took Applied ICT (It's like ICT but harder and less usefull), French (In addition to already doing German as a mandatory subject), Art and History.

      How about you?
    17. Deoxys911
      Was my post good enough for you?
      It was certainly... interesting and unpredictable! I appreciate you trying for me, but since you judged the wrong contest, and my computer's fixed now, I think I'll go back and judge the other one.

      I hope I wasn't too harsh with them, I just felt it was much more funny
      I understand. It made me smile!

      Man, if you get the chance, message me on MSN. We need a good chat again.
      I'll try to think and sign on more. The only issue is me living five hours in the past and whatnot. You know Americans, always with the being slow and junk... Anyway, just don't be surprised/offended if I don't answer you sometimes; Chances are I'm busy, away, or sleeping.
    18. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      I've just finished a largish chunk of corsework, so I'm a bit stressed, but otherwise I'm fine.

      I've just noticed how close your Birthday is too mine.
    19. Deoxys911
      I hate to bother you, but my computer broke (again) and I need you to judge the last picture for me. I'd really appreciate it, but if you can't, I understand. See ya!
    20. ~Sirnight~
      Like I said, just tried to gather stuff. I agree on Starlight Road though, seems very big to prevent the swarms from being dismanteled. And, no. I have my three already, and plan on stockpiling them.
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    Jul 16, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Caption Contest
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Mime Jr.
    Photoshop. Yugi