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  • Eh, gathering from what I've seen.

    3 Archfiend
    3 Necromancer
    3 Mirage
    3 Beetle
    2 Revenger
    2 Grepher

    3 Gun
    2 Allure
    1 ROTA
    1 Heavy
    1 MST
    1 Brain
    1 141
    1 Card Destruction
    2 Foolish

    2 Bottomless
    2 Roar
    2 Break
    2 Inferno
    1 Mirror
    1 TT
    1 Call

    Personally, I'd run Plague, but he doesn't seem to get much popularity. Maybe it's just because of the existing, reusable Tuners.
    Not that I'm actually expecting anyone to come along just yet, even though it'll probably get closed later, but if anyone did come along to close it, it'd probably be them.

    We should open up a scam charity so we can buy tickets.

    Oh, I forgot I usually don't have it on. I rarely wind up using it, and people coming on and off gets annoying.
    That's it exactly. It's like winning the lottery; you put in a buck, and you get, like, a bunch back. And yeah, I'm following the "annoying online behavior" thread, mostly. I doubt any mod will come along soon, though, unless it's Little_Pikachu or an SMod/Admin.

    And I don't have Facebook, but I have an MSN. Isn't it on my profile?
    It's not so much that they're lower on the ladder than how they completely overreact to it, in my opinion. Like, how you can just throw out a quip that took you five seconds to think up at them and they'll respond with a three page essay about... something. Well, some people will, anyway. People who take the internet seriously are funny, though.

    And the hilarious thing about the douchebag comment was that he seemed to mean it.
    I wish it were still that way. These days, if someone's new, you're pretty much going to have to hate them. Though I do like how older members are like SPPf's antibodies.
    They're probably still the aftereffects of HG/SS coming out. And of course, they're bound to leak out of GPD and infect the rest of the forum eventually.
    Well, that's even better. It's what I was hoping for at first, but then I figured that since it's almost Christmas, everybody was sure to be sold out.
    Hey thanks for taking over COTD I had school and other issues pop up so I was computer less for a long time.
    hi um I wondering if I can make a topic in the social group about what Archtype deck people use.

    anyway welcome to the club.
    ohh okay.

    anyway I heard about Crow Dragon and I have to too say. it most likely not related to the five dragons. as the 5th dragon is gold and has no black feathers or wings. But I could be wrong.

    hope I didn't force you to to join the club but anyway welcome.
    yeah but I rather hate having to buy pack over and over to get just one card you know.

    that okay I won't force you to.

    anyway yeah well my mum brought me a crystal beast deck a week or so ago and I got it a few days ago.
    no there a club in the club area I can give you the link if you like.

    wow I find the price for a lightsworn deck to high these days.

    I play a crystal beast deck.
    ohh okay. I watch the anime and play the games but I won't talk about the anime as you don't like it.

    anyway what deck type do you play as and are you a member of the Yugioh club?

    and you can ask me anything if you want to get to know me better but no personal stuff atm.
    hi you seem nice, hope we can be good friends.

    I a yugioh fan as well. I play the TCG.

    anyway do you play the pokemon games or Watch Pokemon anime?
    Yeah... I never go in there anymore, so I figured that I'd best leave it to mods that are actually active. :/
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