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  • Yep, I'm alive - how cool is that?

    It'll probably only be for the summer though, I'll be v. busy next school year!
    I'm OK, glad to have a break from school - I'm worn out.
    But, I'm not glad to be at home - me and my brother will have a major falling out one of these days.
    RescueSynch always seems to suceed against me, [well I usually win but I'm saying that RescueSynch usually happens in my duels D:]

    I made D. D. Princess to deal with LightSworn, it usally works, though I have lost a couple of times. What I like about my decks is tht they're all equal, I mean sometimes my harpies preform better than my plants and vice versa. It makes dueling more fun with more suprises. :p

    Ah, what's a ROTA? And I got an Ascilla Piscu in a RB pack. It's okay I guess. I do't like the EI.

    Yeah, I will recipe it hen I get back from vacation. I come back on Thursday, Friday/Saturday for you I think
    Sweet. I envy you. >D

    Rescue Synch. Ah, my friend uses that, but mostly he goes after my other friend, Rescue Cat does not work well against counter Fairies. Or, it could be skill level.

    I run four, cause I will and can

    Synthetic Angels [with a friend]- I lent it to a friend, who liked the pretty colors, she's pretty damn good now.

    D. D. Princess- It's sorta complicated but I remove from play, use soul absorption, while Fire Princess/ stealth bird burns them to death or the morphing jars, needle worms, etc deck em out. Injection Fairy Lily [the first card my mom bought me, and she's a nurse] as a tribute but with high LP and Messenger's of Peace [THOSE THINGS FLOCK TO MY HAND] it works pretty well.

    Harpies- I love these things. :D Though I'm still trying to complete it. D:

    Plants- I love flowers. So I plant deck was kinda natural, I mostly keep it beatdown/ graveyard revival. So BeatSwarm I guess?

    Sorry for the long message.
    Eh, I was gone for a long time, and some people purged me off thier list, xD. Anyways, watchya get? If it's Mirror Force, a hungry demon will eat your soul.

    You see, I bought all the Yugi Packs at target, and not a damn single one. And Target had a lot of packs.

    But I cans makes a MArshmallon deck....for some...reason.
    I is good :D

    You? What's happening in the current duelling scene then? :p

    Btw, do you have two Rykos you could trade?
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