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  • You do?! Me too!
    LiamK737, type that in; it should work. Add me.

    XD Thought so.

    Bebo has a new one, too, but unfortunately, my web browser doesn't support it :mad:
    What's with all the AYE?

    No, it didn't. Stoopid pop-up blocker...

    And, MSN doesn't work because of my Firewall.

    I really don't want to undo either, sorry.

    Got Bebo?

    Does I gots to play Rugby? I sucketh, and haven't got much time nowadays =[

    I'll try later, hopefully.

    Public? This is interwebz!

    I bet you don't!

    NO WAI! Left Defence (Left Back) is where I play! I'm left footed, so it's an advantage. Also, my favourite footballer is left footed, LB and welsh! Gareth Bale - Tottenham.

    No, second row in scrum, but on the outside of teh row. I think.

    Yes, I shall kill him.

    This may sound like a really bad excuse, but it's legit, firsty, I snapped my charger a while back in a strop (XD) and I have no credit, ever. I could attempt to fix it and get credit, but I really can't afford it. However, I will try the ebuddy thing.

    They're taking alot of time, infact, I'm gonna start H/W after this is posted.

    Ours do too, the resedentials, that is. I'm going France + Belgium in February.

    I'd love to see it, so I can see what you're like, but also soo I can see the redness. XD
    Still jealous, I have a few girl mates, but non would touch me... I s'pose it's my fault for having atractive friends. *rollseyes*

    My Dad wants me to play Rugby, I think. Whenever I play in PE, i'm *thinks* in the 2nd Row on the outside of the scrum. I can't remember what that is, because it was a few years back; I'm doing 'Alternative PE' (Read: PE for people who suck at sport) now, so I won't do it at school again.
    Where abouts in Defence?

    I hate Swimming, mainly because I hate getting my body out in public. '~~'
    Dare ya to swim the channel, though, dedicate it to me! XD


    My face isn't fat - well, my chin and stuff does :( - but I am elsewhere. I'll try to get a pic up someday.

    Ah, my brother took my cards to his mates, kept them in his pockets, and now they're mush. :( I sadly don't have the time or cash to catch up with YGO, sorry, but I'm routing for ya all the way!


    Ah, year below me. Yr10 = GCSEs = GRAHHHHHHHH!.
    Whoah, retardation. Wait, WHAT?! We need 80 just to go on activity days - end of year trip. But this year, I don't even get to go because we're doing Work Experience. Oh well.

    Man, you're lucky, I have one pic were I'm hugging a girl who's practically my older sister. At least girls TOUCH you.
    It may not show much in my pic, but I'm a fat git, moobs, 'n' all.

    Not many, but I play Badminton sometimes. I'm good, not brilliant, but, I'm probably the best in my PE group, I hope. I've also got a slight knack for Table Tennis.
    In football I play LB (if I play at all, I tend to cover for all the defence in my team) and play Defensive-Mid in Hockey when we play. I'm not the best, but I get the job done.



    Nah, it hates me. It won't work.

    It's gotta at the weekends; H/W is running my life.
    Platinum???? I'm jealous. *stabs with hobo knife* /jk.

    I'm all right, Cybermew. I've haven't had to do a lot of modding lately. I've been frequent on the IRC channels though. Other than that, work has kept me busy.
    Nice, mine's in teh signess. Add me whenever you can.

    I'll add you when I'm back from helping out at this play scheme. I'll be available around 7ish.

    True :p
    Gah, ill is not good.

    The chat thing just stopped working, then my computer froze up on me, then the computer shut itself off.

    Shame too, I had a fantastic opening hand.

    I won't be able to duel now until at least 4pm :(

    Darn! I was gonna FTK you, there wouldn't of been anything you could of done to stop me >_<
    I'm going to delete some of our posts, cybermew. My profile says that I still have 1 unread visitor message but there aren't any.

    Problem resolved.
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