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  • were alright cyberra :) my game data is fine as well as my sd card so i can resume my mimikyu hunt :p only thing that i can't recover sadly is my street pass,wfc and friend codes were tied to my internal system so that has to start from scratch rip and thanks i hope that stubborn little thing shines soon before i go mad >.< and you welcome ^_^
    Thanks :) I will try after the 24 hours is up to see if it transferred I got a email saying it was ready but I rather wait at least 24 hours to try it lol my moon version is a physical copy so it should be fine but we shall see...also congrats on that shiny took long enough :p
    yeah i get you i was going nuts seeing a gray look on mimikyu when it wasn't really there XD think that gets to all of us lol and yeah i just did a transfer id at least and gunna try to use my sd card in 24 to 48 hours and then check my data on my moon version to see if it got fried or not which I hope not I have a ton of good shinies on that cart which would suck I have to start over again -_-
    I saw your post what the hell that thing refuses to shine for you which mimikyu is being a stubborn *** as well still nothing plus even bad news my 3ds got water damaged in a thunderstorm which accidentally didn't close my cosplay bag so I have transfer all my data with nintendo to my new 2ds over my stupidity however my moon version did work on someone else ds that is good and my sd card did seemed dry...
    oh my goodness >.> and I got to count up my hatches I know for sure I am over 1,000 eggs so far XD
    don't worry I understand which saw you hit the 2k mark >.< I am seriously gunna smack this fake crayon smile off mimikyu face if it doesn't shine either >.< already hit 1k earlier today -_- its giving the same attitude vibe as your jangmo-o so far...
    lol yeah I get ya I don't mind them either howerever they can get really annoying when they don't want to hatch :So my progress adding both totals giving a grand total of 958 eggs hatched so far and no sign of my mimikyu either like your jangmo-o (which yours is way longer) -_- so almost to the 1k mark soon XD I haven't hatch that much in a few days do to working on my cosplay for a convention that is coming up in two weeks :p I hope that jangmo-o shines soon though for you good luck :)
    thanks I hope i don't end up like you saw your post o_0 that is alot of eggs and no shiny...I am still hatching eggs though might hit the 1,000+ soon if it doesn't shine but good luck that thing better shine soon before you loose your mind >.<
    oh my goodness >.< still counting on my mimikyu hunt still being stubborn as ever and cool wishiwashi is a cool shiny ^_^
    I think someone traded me it 5iv in beast ball can't remember lol I can check to see if its breed but still hunting this mimikyu -_- it doesn't want to shine seriously rip but mearnie took only 61 eggs :p I will keep a update which need to work on my lillie cosplay still soon so might hatch another batch then go to costume work...
    ahhh i have every ball choice form you can think of for jangmo-o and i was sorta mad it hatched in a heavy ball which i didn't want but i still love it and will use it XD I actually do have beast ball jangmo-o which I own a trade shop so i get alot of goody stuff in balls :p as the look at the thread seems you didn't hatch it yet me neither i think im at over 500 eggs with 403 add to that before taking a break for mareanie at the time and that thing hatched so quick >.< i don't know why but mimikyu is being a pain in the *** atm does not want to shine! I just don't have that terrible two lucks you had with a few hunts you had that was terrible to see you suffer like that >.<
    good luck on jangmo-o! i accidentally hatched mine in heavy ball lmfao which hatching still for this mimikyu and its being stubborn af might be going in the 1,000+ range quickly...I can feel it >.> if it shines i be praising the lord :p but anyway i hope the very best for you saw your post before going to bed XD
    hey do you still need that drampa? i have one in level ball that fits its shiny form just fine however its modest for singles i can breed one with berserk i don't really need much in return tbh just helping you out XD
    I get off work at 6:30 (that should be 7:30 your time) so we should be able to make something work.

    Do you have discord? That's really helped me to make contact for trades easier.
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