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  • Sorry about that...life's been crazy :p
    Lemme get your friend code and I'll do my best to get it to you quickly - mine is 4613 7899 0504
    That is an impresive level for that part of the game XD

    Then you just need to finish the game to unlock all the options in the Festi Plaza. Good luck with that ^_^
    I was reading at your Festival Plaza request, and I have to ask you: ¿Do you finish the history? ¿what level have your festival plaza?

    As far I readed, you need to get lvl 30 in the plaza and finish the game to obtain all the options in shops (ball shop).
    I can get you an Alola vulpix with it's HA. I gotta check because I think I already have one I hatched myself in a love ball but I'm not sure. Either way I'll get you one :)
    oh okay thought you were >.> yeah they were saying that its very annoying with the cut scene trying to get a shiny starter on the main play through which yeah don't give up I am sure it shine at some point you did a great amount of sring I wouldn't want to quit either >.> even though I would be super mad as well >.<
    >.> dang sorry to here that I heard its better to not do badge quests with sun and moon do to the stupid cut scenes and when I first saw that cut seen I was like uhhhh nah not gunna soft reset just mm the shinies >.> but I wish you good luck and hopefully that litten shines sometime soon before you go mad >.<
    They really are.

    I adore all 4 Regis. The design, typing, lore everything behind them. :)

    It's a shame they are not better competitively but I stI'll use them in comp regardless. Lol :)
    omg yes I had a friend help me which he cloned alot of pokemon and level them up for me to get that dang charm >.> it was a long hard road trying to get that dang thing >.< which the game isn't fully updated btw yet for trading for bank pokemon I have legal pokemon that can't wonder trade -_- its stupid...
    I get you don't give up! don't let that shiny kick your butt >.< I am actually trying to get this charm atm im at 92% atm
    very true which I agree that is another reason why i didn't want to sr it because that dang long cutscene >.>
    I see :eek: I feel you which I hope it shines soon which I was about sr for a shiny popplio but then I said forget I want to enjoy the game XD im just gunna mm it instead :p
    dang that litten seriously is giving the most annoying time ever >.> good luck hope that litten finally shows up before you go off the deep end seeing the cut scene over and over again >.<
    yeah I know what you mean which tbh I always jynx myself so doesn't matter anymore for me XD but seriously congrats on not giving up and loosing hope. I swear I would of gone mad by then XD
    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! that is crazy with those numbers of soft resets but congrats that it finally shined :3 I really hope that doesn't happen to me when I start soft resetting again for my next target soon.
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