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  • Oh dang - 18,000 SRs for Dialga! That's rough, man! If it encourages you, I spent just over 5 years hunting for Yamask and it was totally worth it in the end! Don't give up!
    dang dat luck >.< I wish you the best thoug hope that dragon doesn't be anymore stubborn because you will go made which that sucks that you had to restart over just because it fainted -_____- I would of seriously cried >.> I am glad my lugia didn't give me trouble one heal ball throw and click ^_^ I got so lucky >.> I want to go to my next target soon which will be the dogs but been busy trying to get competitive shinies I haven't got to it.
    yeah that is one stubborn dragon alright >.< and yeah regirock I noticed is giving hell as well >.> I am sure you will get it but your right though it needs to earn stubborn name now which I did that once with a rng I did years ago back in black version I was doing a shiny bellsprout for competitive battle for someone which it refused to hit the time I wanted to get it because rnging is based on time and date of picking up the egg and etc. I made a clone of it and called it vengeance because it was so stubborn to hatch correctly.
    omg that dialga does not want to show up for you >.> was looking on the thread just for the fun of it XD I been obssesed lately with pokemon go so haven't been shiny hunting which I have a one more box of fletchlings to hatch and refuses to hatch with gale wings -_____-
    no worries I feel pain about the month fun since I am female too XD I am litterly around the corner for that one and it will be hell >.< and i think mine is doing that because once a year it hurts like a ***** when it tries to come out. I am better now but it hurt like heck for like a good week.
    awww man sorry the here >.< are you better now? i know how it feels to be sick I had that a few weeks ago which actually recently I had my wisdom tooth trying to come out again and it starting hurting really bad >.<
    seriously that pesky dialga >.< I saw the post its being super stubborn :/ you are around my srs without charm for my lugia when she finally showed up good luck though you will get it ^_^ so besides dialga hunting how are you?
    good luck on dialga ^_^ I have like two of them mostly rngs though from that event in 5th gen games which never hunted since they were shiny locked as well back in the day.
    yeah I feel you its driving me nuts though since I competitive play and that ha gale wings is a must >.< good luck on your reshi though and I feel you about that as well I really want a shiny reshiram but was sad that it was shiny lock :c
    you welcome and really >.> I just got back into it atm and all these dang fletchling eggs are duds :x I got a few more boxes to go but hopefully it shines for the third time with the hidden ability or I will go mad >.< good luck on your hunts and ohhh shiny reshi is awesome ^_^ I need one of those >.> I only have shiny zerkrom,and lugia atm but someone gave the zerkrom to me as a clone :x
    hey cyberra ^_^ congrats on all the new shinies since my absents been very busy with things and took a long break from shiny hunting and etc.
    The female Riolu you have sent me is now a proud mother of a Shiny Riolu :)

    Thanks ! got it around 50 eggs or something.. not sure but dindt hatch a lot of eggs by my standard, rather a low amount.
    Congrats on regirock! I swear you're one of the only people I see have longer hunts in Gen 6, I hope your next target shines sooner :)
    yeah the wild after the first one I trade off duplicates but if its egg hatches for some reason I keep at least the second one but after that it goes to trade or give it to someone that would use it. I still have both of those shiny cleffas I hatched XD
    thanks :3 it kinda sucked when I hatched the first one and it wasn't gale wings >.< I could of lived with the wrong spread just when your a comp player it bugs the living heck out of you when its not what you wanted lol I still will keep her and train her up for fun battles though ;) I never throw away shinies I hatch or catch unless I have to many of them.
    yeah hatching power is horrible to recharge XD I feel you XD well still hatching my fletchling eggs and nothing for a second one I got about 5 more boxes left to hatch hopefully it shines if not I may have to fill in 10 more boxes of eggs >.<
    yeah forgot about the step things which I remember rnging back before x and y came out and hatching that shiny bagon flawless was a pain -_- because of how long that egg hatched omg that was annoying even with the bicycle and flame body >.<
    yeah I am not sure that is strange that it gave you that much trouble :/ I mean we still have random luck plus I like to keep my 3ds on when mming and sring which I never shut my game off. I know for sure if its anything like the older games it doesn't reset your srs or egg count it just resets the frames of the shiny when you turn your game off. I noticed when I shut my game off it always seems like it never wants to show up unless I am super lucky *shrugs* i feel you though that wynaut was a pain >.>
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