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  • To answer you about that japanese Sawsbuck of yours, let me just ease your conscience:
    "In Black, White, Black 2, and White 2, the foreign Pokédex entries are also the same as in Platinum, just like native entries. However, only non-Unova Pokémon receive foreign Pokédex entries. For Black and White this is likely because foreign entries and names of Unova Pokémon had not been finalized yet at the time of the Japanese release of Black and White. However it is unknown why they were not included for Black 2 and White 2 as foreign Pokédex entries for Unova Pokémon would have been available from international releases of Black and White."
    So Bulbapedia basically states that Unova Pokémon cannot have foreign entries, even in Black and White 2, thus your Sawsbuck is still viable for the Masuda Method and you're just being paranoid a little bit. ;)

    If you really want to make sure you're having a foreign parent, just catch a prior-to 5th generation Pokémon and trade it to your english Black 2 and see if you get the Japanese Pokédex entry.

    I hope I helped! :D
    It seems to be a trend.

    I think I've actually been lucky with Pokémon X as it's the only game that I've had RE+MM success.
    Hello there Cyberra, I have a small question relating to SR'ing for a starter in XY:

    Does it show up as shiny on the "starter selection" screen or must you enter it in battle before knowing if it shines or not?

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey there!

    You're half right about the Pokeballs. They originally didn't show up as the right sort of balls but they do now. My Latias was caught in a Fast Ball and it didn't show up as anything other than a normal Pokeball in other gen 4 games, but now it's very much in a Fast Ball again!

    Good luck with your hunts, by the way.
    Destiny knot passes down ivs from both parents, so you could use the 5-iv lucario and then try to find a female eevee with a special attack? (or you could even pre-breed and breed the lucario with a female eevee with special attack, get decent stats along with the special attack stat you need and then use that eevee as the parent?)

    He seems like a pretty good deal and I think it'd probably be more difficult to try to find another foreign language parent with the right stats? Most people run sylveon as special though I've heard of people using it for a surprise physical factor.

    I hope I helped and good luck with all your hunts!
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