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Recent content by cybra

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    Event Trading Thread

    im offering these pokes all UT events. lonely 2012May darkrai, quirky movie 14 victini, hardy TRU arceus, mild TRU shaymin, win 2011 suicune/entei, FEB2012 lonely mewtwo. i also have some nfl/fl pokes for trade. im after events and fls pokemon
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    [Gen 5] Trade Orrun's Event Shop

    hello i just had a question do you accept other natures of events you already have? i also have a decent collection of Dwfs that i can breed
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    current black team

    Thanks for all the help guys :) this is the tentacruel that i have been using. tentacruel@black sludge. mild nature EVs 252hp/252 sp.a/4 spe. ice beam/hydro pump/rain dance/sludge wave. i also have these pokes that i could replace infernape with electivire...
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    Saori's Warehouse

    offers hello I modified what I was looking for and what I could offer what im after lv50 ;383; (Near Flawless: 31/31/31/17/31/31 OT:Kurt ID: 50575 Nature: Adamant lv35 ;381; OT: BLUEMEW ID: 21954 Nature: Modest lv50 ;254; Shiny/Flawless ID: 03172 Nature: Timid lv5 ;385; Shiny...
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    Mogans Shop Stop

    these are the pokes im after. s/fl latios, fall2010 fl mew, modest genosect, space deoxys, modest meolota, game stop jirachi, ranges hatched manaphy i sent you a list of what i was offering in pm there all UT accept for the one that was stated
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    #633 Deino / #634 Zweilous / #635 Hydreigon

    im offering level 1 UT modest dieno with dark pulse and earth power this is know joke and there legit offering both male and females also the have 31 in special attack :)
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    Saori's Warehouse

    hello these are the pokes I'm interested in: lv35 OT: BLUEMEW ID: 21954 Nature: Modest lv10 Japanese DW Starter Flawless!! w/ PKRS ID: 48955 Nature: Lonely lv50 Crescelia (4thGen) lv1 Giradina 4th Gen I can offer; level 1 adamant flawless shiny scyther ID: 56731 OT Dez level 53/54 adamant and...
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    current black team

    need help with developing a defensive core for my team so this is my random match up team that I use for wifi battles. The team itself is been alright I think ive lost for what it counts for judgment calls and VERY bad luck Leafeon@yache berry/focus sash nature: naught ability...
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    im offering a flawless shiny charmander with HP ice willing to let it be cloned
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    Eggmove Trading Thread

    im offering modest dienos with 31 IVs in special attack with both earth power and dark pulse if your interested pm offers
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    im after DWF anorith, shroomish, ryhorn, i offer other DWFs, EVd pokes or EV services
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    im offering these DWF ;029;;037;;060;;063;;129;;133;;131;;147;;207;;227;;318;;403; im after DWF ;072;;111;;285;;347;;371;
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    EV Trained Trading Thread

    im offering these EVd pokes mienshao,DW espeon, breloom, DW sharpedo, metagross, haxorus, DW dratini, DW gyarados, feraligator, DW gliscor, infernape,mamoswine, growlithe, electabuzz, DW leafeon, DW nidoking, seadra, hydreigon, DW kadabra, lucario, ferrothorn and DW poliwhirl. if your interested...
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    #304 Aron / #305 Lairon / #306 Aggron

    im looking for a male aggron with the tutor move super power and the egg move head smash have alot to offer just pm me and we can work something out
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    5th Gen Breeding/Egg Moves FAQ & Discussion Thread

    Is there a breeding chain in 5th gen for head smash and super power on a aron or do you need a 4th gen to get this combo