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  • Ok I need these shinies
    Pinsir adamant
    Magikarp adamant
    10 aniv suicune timid
    Giritina adamant japenese
    Ralts adamant

    I have shiny ut
    Careful phione
    Relaxed cresselia
    timid treeko
    Calm shuppet
    Blod zapdos
    Adamant nidoking
    Adamant slowpoke
    Careful tuttwig
    Adamant entei
    Hasty palkia
    Timid azelf
    Brave gastly
    Relaxed pinsir
    Jolly gligar
    Naive giritina
    Naughty seedot
    Adamant rotom
    Modest piplup
    Adamant unown
    Pokemon ranger manaphy lax
    Pokemon ranger manaphy lonely
    Gentle regigigas
    Jolly teddiursa
    Quirky swablu
    Rash drowzee
    Mild solrock
    Lonely krabby
    Modest bagon
    Adamant igglybuff
    Jolly cyndaquil
    So have you picked what you want?

    Can you trade now?

    And can you post the link to your shinies please on my profile?
    Ok you can take any 3 you'd like.....right now I need

    2 ut shiny 10 aniv timid suiunces
    1 ut shiny adamant jap giritina.

    Is it possible to trade now?
    Well I also have these for trade....
    Brave gastly
    Relaxed pinsir
    Naive giritina
    Gentle piplup
    Mild charizard
    Adamant unknown
    Lonely pokemon ranger manaphy
    Lax pokemon ranger manaphy
    Gentle regigigas
    Quirky swablu
    Careful turtwig
    Adamant entei
    Timid azelf
    Adamant slowpoke
    Naughty kangaskhan
    Calm anorith
    Adamant oddish
    Timid treeko
    Timid nidoran female
    Jolly eevee
    Modest cynaquil
    Modest bagon
    Lonely krabby
    i thought u meant shiney gross. and the event shaymin is in ur game u need prof oaks letter to open the passage. but with ar u can just walk through the rocks and catch a legit shaymin top right corner of the map above the peninsula next elite four place. same goes for darkrai. the only event pokemon you cant get from walking is manaphy and arceus darkrai is on new moon isle two map panels next cresselias island and what was that pikachu u wanted is it surfing pika?
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