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  • Tried PMing you, but your inbox is full.

    Anyways, I'd like to offer either a male 5V Scyther or 5V Trapinch (31/31/31/x/31/31). They're 'Merican, however:

    Trapinch (Naïve) - Feint, Superpower, Crunch, Focus Energy
    Scyther (Adamant) - Silver Wind, Bug Buzz, Baton Pass, Steel Wing

    I know you're looking for ones that aren't from our region (probably for Shiny breeding), but if you're interested in mine, I'd like either a Froakie or a Koffing that you've got. Do they have any egg moves by chance? PM me back if interested -or- if not interested. (and clean up your inbox :p )
    hello Cyclone

    i know this is not the exact pkmn you are looking for but i did just come across a JPN male naive Trapinch with 5IVs from WT. it is missing the defense IV but the other 5 31 IVs are there. you can have it if you want, i have no use for it. i already have 6 Flygon for battle myself. im also able to breed a safari ball Trapinch, i have a Female safari ball that i need to breed out for spares.
    uhhh, while I don't have anything against having a "Pokemon Purple" game, I don't see how Kyurem's color is "purplish".

    All I see are gray & ice blue, and a bit of yellow.

    There is purple color on Kyurem, but only on its shiny sprite, and even then it's very minimal, as it replaces the yellow on the normal sprite.
    "It can't be traded because it has the Classic Ribbon"

    Arceus can be traded using normal Wi-Fi. It cannot be traded on the GTS though. That kid was only asking if we were allowed to trade them here and the answer is yes :)

    I just wanted you to know. Bye.
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