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Recent content by Cycloneblaze

  1. Cycloneblaze

    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    That is awesome, like before. Thank you, like, a lot. =D
  2. Cycloneblaze

    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    I am back! I need you to modify the team pose & userbar you made for me (in my sig) by taking out Ononokusu and replacing with Sazandora (in my sig) please. Thanks in advance! =D
  3. Cycloneblaze

    What was the very 1st Pokemon that you've known?

    I... do not remember. I know thie first game I got was Diamond, in 2007, and before that I had seen Pokemon. But I honestly ddon't remember what the first Pokemon I knew was, probably Diagla, seeing as he was on the front of the box, lol.
  4. Cycloneblaze

    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    Thanks again to you for your amazing work! I'm glad they all fit in =P
  5. Cycloneblaze

    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    Thank you, that looks great! You are a talent. And incase you missed it (not implying you did or anything): Userbars - Writing:Cycloneblaze Writting colour:Same as example 3 Colour 1:Same as example 3 Colour 2:Same as example 3 Pokemon: Daikenki,Denchura,Gigigear,Gigaiasu,Kokoromori,Ono nokusu...
  6. Cycloneblaze

    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    Team Pose - Base: No.6 in the larger picture (of bases). Trainer:Black/White male player character. Pokemon: Daikenki,Denchura,Gigigear,Gigaiasu,Kokoromori,Ononokusu. Big ones to the back, Denchura being smallest methinks. Worker to do your request:Gladeshadow Actually while I'm here...
  7. Cycloneblaze

    Totodile, Croconaw and Feraligatr Club V.2

    I certainly am! Only it'll take a while to save up.Or I could wait till I go to New York/for my birthday/for christmas.Sigh...
  8. Cycloneblaze

    Totodile, Croconaw and Feraligatr Club V.2

    I would like to join for Totodile! He is my most favourite Pokemon ever!(sorry about that). Anyway,Cindaquil vs Totodile.Who will win?
  9. Cycloneblaze

    The bishie battle thread

    Totodile bites Robotboy out of habit.
  10. Cycloneblaze

    How Many Stars Does Your Trainer Card Have?

    I have 2. 50 flags,and E4.
  11. Cycloneblaze

    Rate The Signature Above You III

    1/10. I hate ribbons.
  12. Cycloneblaze

    Shiny Pokemon on PBR

    I cant do vids! It happened,all right!
  13. Cycloneblaze

    Diggorys Gremlins Sprite Thread

    I love it! It is a little messy though, so try to work on that. Please,make more! Edit:I mean Magnion.
  14. Cycloneblaze

    Berry Glitch

    I know this is silly but... What is the berry glitch? Explain in detail please. Edit:I Googled it.