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  • [ Then I think you might like that fic. If you like that one, you might like my journey fic too, but I'll tell you a bit more about that after you read this one. After all, if you don't like this one, I don't think you'll like my long journey fic. But if you do like this mermaid one, I think you might like the journey fic too if I tell you a bit more about the things from newer sagas included in that story. ]
    Yeah I enjoyed what I saw.
    And I'll give your fic a go and let you know what I think sometime over the weekend.
    [ Did you like Kanto and Johto?

    My fics are based on Kanto and Johto, you can understand my journey fic for 90% if you only saw the first two regions. And my mermaid oneshot can be fully read without seeing newer sagas.

    I'd like it if you would read this and then tell me what you think. It can be set at any moment you want in the anime, after Misty's departure at the end of Johto, when she had to become a Gym Leader against her will. It's not that long, it's not much longer than one or two chapters of a multi-chaptered fic. Understanding the canon characters shouldn't be too hard, because you saw Kanto and Johto. One thing you need to know from episodes you didn't see: in some later episodes, Tracey (Orange Islands replacement of Brock between Kanto and Johto, currently Professor Oak's assistant) and Daisy (one of Misty's sisters) seem to have feelings for each other. ]
    [ That sucks, why can't she just accept you for who you are?

    I think not being girly is good. After all, it probably means you're not obsessed with your looks. Personality is much more important. My girlfriend is tomboyish too, and I think that's good: she has natural beauty and doesn't hide it with make-up, she doesn't use that kind of sh*t. And looks aren't that important to her. I think that's very good.

    Aww, why not? ]
    [ Okay then.

    That's good, I'm glad you don't have problems with it. I have no real life friends, only internet ones, because of bad social skills and me not trusting people easily.

    Oh, why did your mother have problems with it?

    Would you like giving reading Pokemon fics a try? ]
    [ Well, you can judge it based on the anime and on opponents using it...

    Would you want one, or are you fine being single?

    I see, me too.

    What sagas did you see?

    And how about Pokemon fics? ]
    [ Do you like Milotic?

    I like the Cyndaquil line, but my favourite Johto starter line is the Chikorita one.

    My girlfriend is Australian too. Do you have a partner as well?

    Is your mii made to look like you, or is it made after some character, or what? My mii is based on me.

    Do you like the Pokemon anime?

    Do you like fanfics or fanart? ]
    [ Hi, I saw some posts of yours and I'm currently adding friends to have more people to talk to, would you like to be friends?

    If yes, let's introduce ourselves to each other. Could you tell me a bit about yourself, just like I did in this message?
    - Favourite Pokemon: Milotic.
    - Gender: male.
    - Name: Pim.
    - Place of birth and where I live: Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
    - Date of birth: 28 July 1994 (age: 19).
    - I have Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism.
    - Hobbys: drawing, watching Pokemon anime, writing fanfiction, collecting Pokemon figures, gaming.
    - Since 30 January 2013, I have my first girlfriend, it's an internet relationship (she lives in Australia), it's definitely serious and true love. Her personality and appearance are perfect. Kind, understanding, honest, open-minded, no make-up, no fake tan, no push up bra, pure natural beauty and sexiness, cute smile, cute eyes, nice hair. She doesn't care much about looks and is a cute tomboy, I like that, personality matters much more than looks.
    - Main flaws: too unselfish, trouble with letting things go, I can't stand up for myself.
    - Qualities: extreme honesty, being a hard worker who isn't lazy at all, and that I've never felt group pressure, I've never tried fitting in or being popular, I don't care about that.
    - Taste in music: mostly old rock music.
    - Favourite bands/singer of mine: Queen, KISS, Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, Coldplay, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi.
    - Political preference: left-winged.
    - Religion: none/Atheism.

    What's your 3DS friend code? It could help with the Friend Safari, and maybe a battle every now and then if you'd like. Mine is 0602-7392-5137. ]
    Hi there, Cynda!

    Congrats on that Chespin! I bet you were shocked by the shiny colour. It really is quite beautiful. Have you had a chance to use him yet?

    I'm still SRing for mine.

    Did you change IDs or anything?

    Good luck with your next hunts!
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