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Last Activity:
Sep 28, 2016
Jun 9, 2012
Likes Received:
Giving ya the cold shoulder
Assistant manager at Family Dollar

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Ice-Cold Charisma, from Giving ya the cold shoulder

Cyrius was last seen:
Sep 28, 2016
    1. FrozenPhoenix96
      You are missed... :(
    2. Colt45
      Clever! Me too, buddy. I get on once every few months, as you can see. Hit me with an Email if you want to get in touch quicker! (I'll PM that)
    3. trident20
      hey I joined teg, so we are in the same clan again
      how are you?
    4. FairyWitch
      yeah cy forgot to say that sound is banned from the xat unless its to someone over private chat besides me...if someone says to stop though do not use it to them either...you left though before i could un ban you XD
    5. Cherche
      I can make a reference to that too!

    6. Cherche
      It's a festival in several countries around Europe / Caribbean where Merchants & others are given "Christmas Boxes" by their bosses / employers.
    7. Cherche
      /me gives Cyrius a Christmas Box
    8. Cherche
      Happy Boxing Day, Ice!
    9. Volcer
      What did you get? n_n

      I didn't get anything, probably because I don't celebrate it XD. But I went out and had a good lunch. :D
    10. Volcer
      Did you get any presents?
    11. Cherche
      Yea, you wouldn't want to come anywhere near my house. While my sisters may have short fuses, I myself am the most laid back person you will ever meet, trust me. Only two things get me mad & or angry.
    12. Cherche
      Well, that's pretty much my sisters in a nutshell. Except for one that throws metal chairs at me whenever she gets angry, & I have no idea why. ._. We're Italians, by the way.
    13. Cherche
      What are your friends sisters like? Now I'm curious.
    14. Cherche
      Ah, nice! Meanwhile you're enjoying the Christmastime spirit, I'm both enjoying & suffering this time of year, because my sisters are unbearable & I mean unbearable. You don't know what it's like.
    15. Cherche
      Aw, that's too bad. When're you going, then? (If you didn't already)
    16. Volcer
      Merry Christmas!
    17. Cherche
      No, no, it's alright. So, did you get what you want for Christmas this year?
    18. Cherche
      Haha, I'm just saying you're one of my many friends whom I've never talked to.
    19. Cherche
      Merry Christmas, Cyrius! (We seriously need to talk.)
    20. Colt45
      Cool beans!
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  • About

    Giving ya the cold shoulder
    Assistant manager at Family Dollar
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Back on 11/04/2013
    Yup, Im back, and if you are wondering where i was, ill just leave it here as a way to vent my emotions. dont worry, i was fine myself, but the pain of my friends is also my own.

    I had a close friend that was being abused by her parents just because she did not have the same religious ideals as them, and their parents were racist to anyone who was not Mexican. In doing so, she was driven into committing suicide by a lot of other reasons, and this felt like her only option to escape. This is where i came in. i did the best i could to help her get through this, and now her parents, as well as i, had made an agreement to let her do what she wants, but im pretty sure that was only because i threatened to accuse them of child abuse and wrongful meanings to send someone to a mental hospital. I swear they should have gone there, not her. Someone as beautiful and caring does not deserve the fate that was given to her, and its not over yet. Im sure that they will do something else to hurt her and i will be there to comfort her.

    to be honest, i dont really know myself, but i believe its the lack of communication with everyone here. Plus the sudden loss of interest with pokemon and the near death experience of being feet away from a tornado. Im not sure when ill be myself again...

    My Wonderful Friends :D

    ~Cobali - shes like a sister to me. be nice to her! D:<
    - Colt45 - My Fellow Salamence lover and Dragonite Hater. We shall rule the world together riding Salamences! >:D
    ~SaphireBlueEyes7799 - shes really funny and helped me get back on track with my life
    - Gothic Gothorita - Good ol Ducklett :D
    - The Dragonknight - Hes might love Dragonite, but hes still a good guy, and is pretty funny :D
    ~ Lucina Archaleis - I have no idea wtf is happening XD
    - Psilo - a good friend from the past. he helped me when i was new here i wouldve never been this good at pokemon without him
    - Mulder - pretty much the same thing as Psilo, except we never really talked, and he would play follow the leader with him XD
    ~ Eveelover824 - Believe me, shes no sweet heart. she can get pretty pissed o_O

    Who Am I?
    Hi there! the names Cyrius! No my name has nothing to do with the pokemon character Cyrus, though i frequently get asked that question -.- My nickname came from my childhood where everyone called me a Cyborg because i showed little emotion as a child. My life wasnt all that great back then, so i was very serious. later on my friends apparently decided to blend Cyborg and Serious to Cyrius as a joke, but eventually it became my Nickname.

    ICE TYPES!!!! XD
    I am a HUGE fan of Ice types ever since they were fist introduced. Even though they have many weaknesses, including SR, they are a Force to be Reckoned with! If you like, i could show you the ways of an ice type user in competitive battle! But I will NEVER tell you how to beat them! They are already struggling to make a name for themselves , though Kyurem-B is helping tp show the true Potential of Ice Types.

    Who is Blizz?
    Blizz is my Shiny Glaceon. Blizz is the son of my Best friend's Flareon, Rising Sun. I wanted a Modest Jolteon in 4th gen, but with no luck, i never received one. after a few weeks of breeding, I hatched a shiny Eevee! But i was Devastated that it was Bold... I figured it was not meant to be so i was training it to be an Umbreon at snowpoint city. During the training, after one level up, it evolved into a Glaceon! i didnt even know that they existed back then, and i thought it was the Coolest looking pokemon ive ever seen! I Went to the Name rater and Nicknamed My Shiny male Glaceon Blizz! I still Use Blizz to this day!

    My Personality
    I am naturally quite hyper, but here in the Forums, Im somewhat shy, and usually dont make conversations easily because of it. Id like it if someone started the conversation so it would be easier for me. Im am very helpful, and i would do anything to help my friends even if it hurt me. I find it hard to keep a conversation going, so if you think im ignoring you, im not. Ive been through alot lately, but its all thanks to my friends that im the person I am today, and quite frankly, i like who I am :)

    What can I do?
    1. Art - Banners, Userbars, Xat avatars, Profile pics, and walking animation overworld sprites.
    2. Clone ANY Pokemon - NO, i dont have AR, i have a certain code on my IP adress that blocks the Ribbon Code.
    3. PS, PO, or WI-Fi Battles
    4. Create a Team from scratch with you. that way you know later on how to form an effective team later on!

    What will I not do?

    1.Battle Hackers. Got I hate Them. (legal hacks are okay though)
    2. Make more than 3 pieces of art at a time for one person. ( i might have exceptions)
    3. RMT ( for some reason, they scare me ._.)
    4. become a part of a Trade or Art Shop. I have no time for that, sorry
    5. Put Pokemon over my Studies. ( thats just a personal rule i have)

    Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh!, Ripstik, Magic, Manga,


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Credits to FairyWitch for the buttons and [URL="http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea