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  • not much man! time really flies doesn't it?

    how've you been these past few years?
    nevermind ill find someone likee uu i wish nothing but the best for uu
    Wow, you're still here what surprise anyways I hope you have great life all since I barely see you now.

    Y So, I may be leavin' as I write this rap
    Didn't make no friends, just like a piece of crap.
    I believe the term is Uber Pissed and Distractive,
    Trickster Zorua, bro. Be a bit more active!
    Jess went from nice to wicked
    Chello was a big chicken
    Blackstar found the Ban Hammer
    Check your damn grammar!
    All I want.
    All I need.
    Friendship was a mislead.
    I wish I had time to stay,
    One last thing I wanna say,
    One guy that I used to hate,
    Caused me to be so irate,
    Please accept this apology,
    This person thinks that I'm pathetic and a waste of time,
    I made you a gift to say,
    Competitive Battling was never my thing.
    From clan to clan we roamed,
    Me under your wing.
    So I think it's the time to say,
    Where did we go wrong,
    Hey man! Not sure if you saw my PM but I'd like you to be a gym leader for the SI league. :)
    What do you say?
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