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  • Well his fam-err, fellow legends (yeah, I'm sure you can guess what the fam-err was going to be) are insane including his moth-errr, friend Mew (Mewtwo's not very good at not letting his real thoughts out) and the other small legends. Chances are he's gonna have a breakdown eventually.
    Yeah, seems like they might develop a friendly rivalry. Which'll actually be really hard on Mewtwo because it would remind him too much of the real Celebi and Victini.
    That mirrorthing was cool. With a Spiritomb-ish face :D And a Cofagrigus-ish
    aura around it that forms arms with claws :D
    I can guess... Steel skulls engulfed by purple flames with floating spikes around it?
    And it's signature move is Thorn Buster?
    Maybe not the skull thing but... No, I'm clueless..
    Pioson/Ice type: A blob of yellow snow with a Spiritomb-ish face. and leeking oil or something xD
    I think I may actually know how to pull that off. And I'd love to see another duel between the two when they both get stronger and better at battling.
    I named my Golurk MetaMan. xD
    Scolipede is sick. Great for Batton Passing Swords Dance and Iron Defense.
    Poison/Fire type.. the first thing I imagined after reading that was a big KABOOOOM!!!!!111
    Poison and Ice i can't really imagine :/
    But I want a Ghost and Grass type :D
    Or Ghost and Steel.
    I wanted a Ghost and Water type, so I was very happy when I caught my first frillish :D
    Scolipede kicks *ss. I didn't pay much attention to the poison types.
    Only the Ghosts xD Chandelure quickly gained my full attention.
    I don't like the Ice-cream guys, they're just cute :3
    I tried to train one, but it levles insainly slow.......
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