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  • Hi again domo could I make a trade offer for your shiny petilil VM or PM me when you see this and if you still have it thanks :)
    okay cool once i can get them cloned ill send them too you :) also my presses are extremely awkard trust me it was like i think took a break from it so i can't remember but it ws select, L, and one of the d-pad buttons...it was very weird to press but thanks...i know ill get it but it will take awhile...
    I don't know if you want saw your post but i got two so far of the musketeers but.....i could have them cloned if you like since you can't really go back on re rnging them( cloned passes hack tests, i competitive battle)...i have a shiny flawless hp ice impish cobalion and shiny flawless hp ice timid (someone gave me) and hasty virizion...its up to you though just shooting it out there( i rnged them both the impish and hasty)...i think action replay may make your pokes hacked if you do that but im not positively sure...you should look into that...still don't have terrakion yet cuaz the key presses are so awkward :/
    It's 42,000 + character long, which means it will NOT fit into a single PM. I'll be PM'ing you separate lists.
    I don't have a collection of DW Females specifically, so I don't have a list.

    However, I've got over a hundred shinies and over a hundred events... That's why I asked. :p
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