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  • I was looking at that list you put on the analysis thread, and I was wondering; are those lists in any particular order of usage or something? Btw, can't wait to see some of your sets!
    Aw man, I really wanted to try out my SD Blaziken team...

    Well, I'm pretty sure that PL won't be running Dream World abilities until Gamefreak actually releases them since Smogon people like keeping the sims as much like the games as possible, but maybe PO will run them once the US versions come out. I'm excited about that, because this Japanese translation is wearing me out. If you ask me, Ononokusu is too hard to say...
    Yeah, on the Icy Wind set you have to run Shadow Ball, which means that you sadly lose out on either Taunt or Destiny Bond. Surprisingly, however, if you run Icy Wind/Shadow Ball/Destiny Bond/Spikes, the only common leads that you really lose to are Machamp, and Metagross.

    So yeah, just a thought. But you definitely have a valid point on the fact that you don't get the 2HKO on Azelf with Icy Wind, and I now wish i had noted that you need to use Shadow Ball as well.
    d0nut, on the thing about the frosslass lead losing to Azelf and Aero, that's solved by using Icy Wind over Ice Beam (strangely enough) because the speed drop lets you 2HKO them while they only can Taunt you.

    Also, CB Vacuum Wave Flareon for OU. xD
    Spread the word.

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