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Last Activity:
May 27, 2018
Aug 24, 2013
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Legendary Hunter

D11 was last seen:
May 27, 2018
    1. MechanisticMoth
      Awesome! It would help me out a lot if you replied in the trade shop at least once or twice. Gotta get it off the ground! Thanks for being such a great trader!
    2. MechanisticMoth
      Just a heads up that my Gen VII trade shop is open. Let me know in the shop if anything strikes your fancy!
    3. FairyWitch
      lol its alright and glad you got your lure ball ^_^
    4. FairyWitch
      lol I just missed you again I am gmt -5 eastern timezone so I will be available probably late the next few nights do to I have to work been busy...I am off on tuesday though so I be on and off that day so hopefully that is the day we can meet XD
    5. FairyWitch
      I am online now if you want to trade for a clone of the lure ball then trade one back it be great ^_^
    6. FairyWitch
      lol seems we missed by a hour XD but anyway whenever we get a change XD I will try to keep a eye out for you ;)
    7. FairyWitch
      sorry we keep missing eachother work and stuff is making us miss eachother XD but anyway once we catch each other we can try to arrange a trade to clone that lure ball ^_^
    8. Mr.M
      Let me know if you still want the Lure Ball. I have another offer for it but I would really like your Ditto so I don't need to waste anymore time on crappy IVs.
    9. FairyWitch
      sorry went to bed for work in the morning be on for a short time but be going to bed soon >.>
    10. Mr.M
      I have the Lure Ball ready if you're still up to trade for a map Ditto, rushed ahead to get it for you.
    11. Mr.M
      Ill have the Lure Ball shortly. Not quite far enough in the game, been busy at the nursery getting my team together.
    12. Mr.M
      Hey, any chance I could get a Jap Ditto? I don't have the lure ball yet but I'm making my way there. All I have worth trading atm are Adamant Bagons..
    13. FairyWitch
      tbh I don't mind never did which I get my stuff cloned all the time and I use to rng in 5th gen which alot of people were not to crazy about that so were in the same boat. I could as long as I get my one copy back I be alright with it ^_^
    14. FairyWitch
      ahhh I see :/ sorry to here that :( I mostly just used the balls and just look around for trades for pokemon I like in those ball choices XD but good luck with your hunt ^_^ I actually still have my lure ball but I haven't caught nothing because most of what I would look good in a lure ball that isn't available in hg/ss i have already or people have it circulating trying to save it for something special you know XD but seriously good luck I hope you find your lure ball trade ^_^
    15. FairyWitch
      hey I noticed you said you want a lure ball just curious did you use it up already and use it? if not its actually located in blush mountain on the ground to pick up which you only can get one sadly in game. I don't know if anyone on the forums cloned a there lure ball yet though...sorry to barge in your vms but just was trying to help out i you didn't know about where it was located ^_^
    16. danoobna
      ready to trade the steelixite wqhenever you are
    17. danoobna
      What are the IV's of your turtwig? i have a steelixie im willing to trade. I'm also interesting in your luxio. I have a shiny Diggersby, claydol, or ponyta i would be willing to trade for it
    18. oak46
      Hey, if you're able to, I have Wifi here! I'd be willing to trade anytime! My IGN is Anthony, so you can start it at any point!
    19. CapedCoward
      Awesome trader. Thanks again!
    20. Snoo
      Yeah that happens to me a lot. Especially on mobile.

      Fren, I work tomorrow. Can we do it on Friday? :]
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    Always looking for extra copies of events and DBHA females
    Living Dex Status: 721/721

    FC: 1650-2257-7757​