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  • I really, really enjoyed Series 5, but I'll admit that Moffat went a bit too far with his story arc. It made Series 6 feel very heavy and the non-arc stories unimportant. It's reassuring that he's said Doctor Who will never be as arc-heavy again, so I just hope he can pull off something spectacular for Amy and Rory.
    Yes! It'll be sad to see Amy and Rory go, though. But then again, we'll get to meet a new companion, which is exciting.
    Thanks. xD Maybe he's more keen on pears now, after all, "The Doctor lies." ;)
    Hmm.. It basically means this:
    - Episode A features pokemon A.
    - Episode B features pokemon B.
    - Episode C features pokemon C, and has a Live Caster centered on pokemon A.
    - Episode D features pokemon D, and has a Live Caster centered on pokemon B.
    - Episode E features pokemon E, and has a Live Caster centered on pokemon C.

    Now, if for some instance a run down would look like this:
    - Episode A features pokemon A.
    - Episode B features pokemon B.
    - Episode C features pokemon C, and has a Live caster centered on pokemon A.
    - Episode D features pokemon D, and has a Live caster centered on a pokemon that did not appear at all in Episode B.
    - Episode E features pokemon E, and has a Live caster centered on pokemon B.

    That is odd. This might mean that an episode has been skipped between episode A and episode B, resulting in the weird pokemon appearing seemingly out of order. This is what that thread has proven in a couple instances: Skipping, and reordering.

    Evident when Krokorok and Basculin appeared in the order of in which their initial episodes aired in line with other Live Casters.
    It's about time I return to my roots. Although, Braviary is my favorite bird now, Staraptor has a big place in my poke-heart.
    Thanks, you're like the fourth person to notice. Wolftamer is a really good spriter/banner maker.
    Torterra's looking better in your eyes than Noctowl? I do agree, poor Torterra was just used as a punching bag ever since it evolved from Turtwig, but I kinda think Noctowl doing/winning anything at all is a huge boost from what recognition it usually gets. I certainly agree this league raised our hopes and didn't deliver quite as much as it implied, but I just think it was still nice to see all those Pokemon coming back and doing something. (Though, again... I really wish Torterra hadn't been completely useless. =<)

    I understand. Some of these translated names... Throh and Sawk? Gurrdurr? It's going to be a while before they're not unsettling. And I doubt it's all Sugimori. There was an american on staff, who designed the ice cream line and a few others; plus some Ohmura guy who designed a bunch of characters, and is even responsible for much "official" art, which used to be Sugimori's claim. Kind of a letdown. =/
    No worries. ^_^ Hm, and Sinnoh did use a mix of his team in its league. Seems each saga isn't just a copy format of the ones preceding it. Don't tell the PAD section! ;0

    I've watched LPs on Youtube, up to the Champion - and felt pretty bad afterward for spoiling the story for myself, heh. I don't know yet what my team will be when the games are released. Do you have plans for a team?
    Haha, well it is certainly a lot less exciting to see what happens in the anime. The show's got to continue to stay the same in order to tell each new region's story from the point of view of a beginner. Poor unfortunate Ash just got stuck playing the perpetual newbie. ^_^;

    I mainly watch it to see the Pokemon themselves in animation outside the games. Nothing like a well-executed and well-animated Pokemon battle!
    I think it helped to see it in different poses and expressions. With flattened ears, a broad nose, a cleft lip, and the thick neck appearance provided by that bubbly ruffle, Oshawott could be said to have a lot of the physical characteristics of down's syndrome.

    Meh, this generation's let me down a bit too in terms of Pokemon. The english names aren't making up for it either. But there's always something good, each new region, and you get used to your disappointments after a while. I don't plan on discontinuing my fanship of the series anytime soon, even if only because seeing whatever could possibly come next is still an exciting prospect. =P
    As of right now, Oshawott's my favorite, too. But Zuruggu/Scraggy is coming, and it's one of my favorite BW Pokemon of all, so we'll see how its personality compares to Miju's.

    When the 5th gen was first revealed, Oshawott was my least favorite because I thought it was kind of ugly. That impression has reversed 100% since. =P
    Oshawott's cute, after you get used to it. And yes, the poor thing is so amusing and hopeful, it really needs to win some more soon.
    Lol, dude I'll just reply to that 'favourite evolutionary line' thing here, since that thread is near conclusion anyways. I meant that since Candice had two of that evolutionary line in that battle. Snover AND Abomasnow. There hasn't been a trainer in an official fight bar Morty (since the lack of Ghost types back then), that has used more then one of the same evolutionary line.

    Actually there was Misty with Staryu and Starmie, Staryu is her most used pokemon aside from Psyduck (which has one more appearance, but we can assume that it didn't fight in most of those), so that's what I mean. Candice should be pretty good with that line. Since Abomasnow is her main pokemon, she should be just as adequate with the pokemon that compares most to it: its prevolution.

    That comparison to Ash isn't really relevant, as Ash doesn't use two of the same line on the same team. Well not if he'd put two Tauros on his team for some reason..
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