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  • I'm interested in your 6IV F adamant blaze charmander w/ dragon dance, dragon pulse, crunch, ancient power - premier ball. I have a 5IV M modest torrent squirtle w/ tackle and a 4IV bold levitate rotom w/ double team, shock wave, ominous wind, and substitute that I'm willing to trade for the charmander and something else maybe.

    PM or comment on my profile so that we can hopefully work out on a deal, thanks I'd really appreciate it. My Friend Code is 3196 - 3039 - 5914.
    can't i have something else too ? i mean 200 BP isn't that easy , and i think it takes more time than breeding , perhaps i have something to compensate with a Kangaskhan if u have one ?
    no i mean by "perfect"= not randomly selected IVs
    but i got the scyther...however i can get u a perfect Timid Charmander with Dragon Pulse and/or an Ability Capsule for the Azumarill and/or one of ur Riolu , so what do u say ?
    i can get u the ability capsul for the perfect IVs scyther
    if u agree PM me
    i'll be checking my wall every now an then
    I've got an Impish Skarmory with IV spread 31/31/31/x/31/31,
    I've got a Jolly Gible Sand veil/Rough skin with IV spread 31/31/31/x/31/31,
    I've got a Adamant Dratini Marvel scale/Shed skin with IV spread 31/31/31/x/31/31.

    Interested in any of them?
    Gimmie a female bred roselia named Carmen and a bold chansey and i'll give you a shiny pansear ad relicanth
    You don't happen to be looking for 3 IV HA dratini or Duskulls are you? My duskulls have good IVs and the hidden abilities or without them, they also contain pain split with a calm nature. I'm really interested in your Gligars with the Hidden ability and possibly a female one? I'm dying for one of those, a reply would be nice.
    Hello i'm looking for just a normal togepi i don't care about anything just want the pokemon are you willing to trade one?
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