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  • I've finally given a stop to the Route 117 hunt of mine, and I've done 600 encounters already on Fiery Path instead. It is being done on emulator, but that doesn't make the shiny any less valuable.

    I'm hoping to start a hunt on my irl Sapphire game. I was thinking SRing for Kyogre when I reach that far. I want to try SRing for Latias/Latios on an emulator game at some point, but I'd be too afraid to put it up as an official hunt due to having to use codes to reach Southern Island.

    I would kill for a real ticket for my irl Sapphire... D:
    No new shinies for me, unfortunately. Not even chained ones... Got to 39 with a chain of Aron the other night, but it broke, and I haven't gotten nearly that close since.

    So like.. yay, shiny drought for me. 8D
    I don't think so, sorry. ;o; I'm REALLY musy this weekend. Work, homework, someone from another city coming to visit. I'm sull up, sorry...

    And my WiFi is really dying at the moment.
    Yeah it seems like the first shiny in a chain takes ages to find but after that they start to appear quicker.
    I dont actually have platinum yet but I plan on getting it soon and I have a similar idea. I wanted to EV train the pokemon before I traded them over from diamond, so I was trying to figure out how I could EV train them but keep them low enough level to obey me in platinum.

    I was thinking about using multiple EXP shares at once so they would get less exp but thinking about it, that would take forever.
    What pokemon are you transferring to platinum?
    Thats cool. Yeah I think it would be a much better game without cloning. It really devalues any legit rares.

    Let me know how the porygon chain goes anyway and maybe we could work out a trade or something.
    Can I ask what they're talking about? :/

    And congrats on the IVs. o: I'm no good with IVs at all, so it's cool that you got one with good IVs. I don't even know how to work the calculator for it. Haha. >DD
    Oh well. I can EV train, that's all that matters to me o3o
    Taken to VM:

    The smogon/pokemon/UU/Ambipom you gave me is lol a basic competive battle page,
    The final evolution of every pokemon is on that page and it talks "good" about every poke. They can make a sucky pokemon and turn it into a decent poke IT hards for me to explain but basically that page is talking all good about it and not enough bad.
    No, they don't. They point out weaknesses on the page. In some cases, they say "Well it's basically a lesser version of X".

    Regardless of the page, you're still missing the point completely. You dismissed a Pokemon completely. It very obviously can be used and used well. Just because you don't like it or can't use it doesn't stop others from doing well with it. Does it have a limited use outside of UU? Sure, most Pokemon do. They're still competitively viable. It can run many sets efficiently in the UU environment and certainly doesn't deserve "it can't do anything" type of dismissive thought.
    I caught shiny gyarados, shiny fearow, shiny wailmer, shiny whiscash all in one day o_O
    Yo, thats cool about the shinies, I manage to catch 4 shinies myself on platinum
    The club would probably be on DeviantART. ^^;;

    What am I doing? I am DRAWING FOR ONCE. <333 I've just finished the outline of my shiny Golbat. o3o I may colour her tonight...
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