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  • It's a Microsoft exclusive thing...

    You may get a strike. He'd be breaking his own rules if he kicked you out immediately. If you did, you could come join a club I'm plannin' on making haha. *thought of it lastnight when everyone was being *ssholes fffffff*

    Dogs? I personally see them more as cats *I call 'em beasts though, since it's neutral and avoids arguments hahahaha*

    RAIKOU. 8)
    You alright? I found the post rude as well, but I chose not to reply to it for several reasons. :/

    Love your pic of Riolu <33 Next time, though, edit it in MS Paint and just flip it so the text is the right way around. It'd look better then. ^^
    >D Maori is a race. Like... aboriginies *can't spell* in Australia, Maoris are the original New Zealanders, if you get what I mean. That's their real name, too.

    Water type team sounds FUN. I've always wanted to do one, but I've never gotten around to doing one. <:

    I'll probably use a Wailord and Ludicolo from the list... Maybe a Clamperl evo too... I like the idea of using a Lanturn on my team, I may add another Johto/Kanto water type to mix with that..
    I'm not emo. >D Nope, far from it. I'm a 'freak' though, according to like, half of the school haha.

    Yeah, senior, that'd be me. <: Only ONE MORE YEAR TO GO after this year. <333

    I'd love to chain Lunatone for you. Seviper can wait. ^__^ I love shiny Lunatones, and I just caught a normal one on Sapphire 2 days ago, and I'm in love.

    Yep. Elements or species. Prefferably Hoenn, but I don't mind a couple of Kanto or Johto.

    Well, there's alot of countryside in New Zealand, yeah. In the city I'm in, there's this giant drama going on with 'emos' and Maoris. :/ Even though the 'emo's get beaten up, they still go walking around town in their obvious fashion, almost like they WANT to get it...

    Not just that, though. There's been alot of just plain random, cruel violence. It's been in the papers alot. Barely any murders, but some brutal assults, and most of them by teenage Maoris, which is kinda sad. Maoris have a bad enough stereotype, and unfortunately, they're living up to it.
    I was thinking more... elements or species. I'm not too good with the competition sort of themes, because I'm just a non-competing player. I just play through the game. >DD
    Well. Since it's emulator, and I have the roms for other things, I can pretty much get what I like. But I'd rather stick to Hoenn Pokemon.

    Awesome! =3 I'll give Seviper another shot. I want a shiny one called Kurosu *in Katakana*, because it's pronounced like Cross, but Kurosu also means 'kill' in Japanese. It's the most epic combo. I'm saving that nickname for either a Seviper or an Ariados, but it's gotta be Japanese. >33

    YAY. Teddiursa! ;3;

    I have no idea what those terms mean................... I've heard them, but I don't really... understand. >DD Stupid New Zealand, deciding they should be DIFFERENT. I'm in my... 4th year in High School, if that helps at all.

    New Zealand's a nice place. if you like violence and gangs beating up emos. Yep.
    im not sure I understand what you mean???
    You know what emulators are, right? You pretty much play the game on the computer through a program *I is illegal LOL nah, it's hard to come by the real games here*
    I'm after a themed team, maybe you could help recommend something.

    I have ruby, emerald, and leafgreen so we can trade chained shinys for chained shinys(nicknameable)
    did you nickname your swalbu and slugma?
    You don't think you could chain me a Teddiursa... could you? I just love green Pokemon!
    I nicknamed my Magcargo MORTAR, and my Altaria MAGARU. Mortar... well, it's a fire type. And Magaru is a wind-element attack on Persona 3. <3

    And I could help trade your teams, yeah. Hopefully my WiFi would hold on for it. :3
    Is it okay if I chain the Sapphire Dongle Pokemon on Platinum? I'm wanting a Japanese Seviper on that game... not really an English one. I could nickname yours in English though.
    Unless you want a Lotad or a Lunatone.

    I'm starting a new game on my emulator Ruby... I want to train a specific kind of Pokemon. Doesn't have to be a type, it could be a species...

    What should it be? I haven't actually bothered to do a themed team on any of my games yet.
    Whooooaaaaa~~ Congrats to your friend!! =D

    ...wow. Now I really see what everyone was saying on the club. It does give you inspiration to do it yourself. Damn, I'm hypocritical... :/

    Yeah, that Espeon is guarenteed there. Same with the Meowth and Seaking.
    I fear the day I come across a shiny in the Battle Frontier. ;o;

    I have Sapphire, yes. I could try and chain something for you if you'd like. It'd give me motivation to chain for them, myself. I have Leaf Green, not Fire Red, though. D:
    MOST of my shinies I try my hardest to spend time with. if not now, I would eventually. Unfortunately when you get to the point where you have alot of shinies on one game, it's quite hard to... :/ Which is why I'm planning on trading back some of the traded ones my friends have given me, because they just don't... feel the same.

    My shiny Espeon, even though chained, is pampered like heck. He gained access to the special resort place too. o3o

    New Zealand sucks with events. I dunno if I could accept an Event Pokemon, though, sorry. :/ As I said earlier, I'm so fussy. Things HAVE to have a nickname... It gives 'em individuality, I guess. Event Pokemon are almost like clones; they're all pretty much the same as one another.

    I don't really pay much attention to IVs. I EV train when I can, but with shinies, it doesn't really bother me what their nature/IVs are. If I can get one with a good nature, cool, but it's a shiny, so I just like it how it is.
    That sounds good, because on Sunday I'd probably be online for like, the whole day. >DD

    A chained Ariados? I'm honestly not worried. You can just trade me a Bidoof or somethin'. haha. >DD Or just a... normal Pokemon that you think I may like to train. *given it has a fullcaps nickname. I can't train non-nicknamed haha*

    Mum hasn't been there, no. She wants to, though! ^^;;

    Ah, no Kangakhan... What on earth was it then... Carnivine? Scorupi... uuuhhhhh.
    I've nearly hatched my full 2nd box of Charmanders so far... still a while to go. ;o;
    Oohh~ Alaska. My mum loves that place. ;~; Issitprettythere???

    Well, if it's 10:21am now... Count on about 4:21pm for me to be on the computer. So... Around 5-6 hours from this time, tomorrow, I should be online. @__@

    Or any time after that, really.
    Oh... sorry, I came across your post when I was gonna post to ScorpionX's profile...

    You needed a Japanese Ditto? I've got him in my Mansion at the moment, I could try and get one for you? My WiFi's pretty crap, but it MAY hold off for it. >DD Haha
    That's really neat. :3 I'm hatching for Charmander at the moment, but I've only done about 60 or less eggs. Not much progress, I'm too preoccupied working on my GBA games.

    I think I'm just gonna quit the club. Barely anyone actually appreciates shinies in that club anymore. It's all just a competition, where shinies are trophies, just to be valued on their looks, and not really what they are. :/
    Actually thats A HUGE over statement as most people actually DO Like to hunt/race for the same shiny as it give's you inspiration, But some people(like you) don't like racing because you more or less don't want to be beaten.
    I've actually been taking alot with the members of the club, and alot of them really don't like it when other guys go for their targets too.

    It's not a matter of it being a race. It's the fact that some people put alot of effort and time to find a shiny, and then when someone decides they'd hunt for it too, and find it easily, it sort of makes the original person feel a bit... I dunno... useless?

    It isn't as big of an overstatement as you believe. :/

    Hmm... I hate guessing shinies. I don't see why not just put them up or something but..
    1 safari-only: It wouldn't be Kangaskhan, since you told me a while back you had found one. Possibly... Skorupi, Carnivine. If it's Gen 4 you're talking about. Dunno about the 2nd.
    How the heck did you get a shiny Kangaskhan without it running away! o-o *jealous*

    Meh. People play with Emerald's RNG, so why not play with Platinum's? As long as it's still somewhat of a challenge, and it's not that blasted 1/1 method, I'm happy.

    Hunts are on a slight halt. I've been spriting today, and training up untrained party members, so nothing much. LOL. Only done about 20 more Slugma encounters *I'm not gonna bother adding them to my total*, and a couple of Wailmer eggs.
    From all of the things that I've seen, with Matsuda's blog, and the fact that it wasn't corrected in Platinum, I think that it was actually intended to be easier chances. Why else would Matsuda put it up on his official blog back when Diamond and Pearl were released?
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