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  • You gonna breed using the Matsuda method? I've started doing that for Wailmer, just for a little fun, but it's not gonna be anything serious. Just a side-thing while I'm training my Pokes.

    Goodnight. :3 And wow, 600 resets. That's really cool. I think that was around the amount of encounters it took for my shiny Spinda. D: I never realised back then, but now I realise that it was really lucky!

    I'm hopefully gonna make it to 5500 encounters before I go to bed tonight. o: Lets hope that silver slug shines! I've already got a nickname for it when I find it; Mortar. <3
    I've grown up with emulators, since my parents never really bought me much things like games and stuff when I was younger. Not even now, and the money I earn is usually taken by my mother, so I can't go and buy the games myself.

    I don't really like the fact that I can make the game run a bit faster, but other than that, hunting for my emulator shinies is 100% legit. I guess growing up with playing emulated games, sort of keeps me playing them.

    I still hunt and play the games on the DS and GBA, but I don't find myself dedicated enough, 'cos I spend the majority of my free time on the computer in general.
    I really don't want to get competitive with shiny hunting. :/ So I'll go at my own pace. Still, though... I hope mine still shines first. I've put so much effort into this.
    I find it sad that even after I said to you that I DIDN'T accuse you of cheating, you go and whine to someone else about what I apparently did.
    :/ I hope you don't find a shiny Slugma before I do, though... I'll be really put off if that does happen.

    Randomly wondering. Why do you want to do Slugma and Paras?
    No, I mean that I did tons of encounters for the Green Bush on FireRed, but a mere 50 on LeafGreen, and that's the profile it showed on.

    Hm... Well, don't say "SRed" next time. That threw me off at first too. :p
    And if you really wanna prove your point, take an in-battle screenshot of the whole game, to show that there's not cheating device.
    I'm searching for Paras, but it's been put on hold to search for another shiny, which I'm doing at the moment. But I'm not encountering+running, I'm training at the moment, since they give Sp. Atk EVs. I'm only encountering Paras at the moment for the same reason. I'm hoping that I'll find a shiny while training, since usually training passes by alot of time without you noticing.

    Sorry for the long post. LOL. I'll probably SR for something when I get that far. On my real GBA games *Sapphire and a Leaf Green*, I've only started the games, so it'll be a while before I SR for anything. I may do Kecleon on Sapphire, and Moltres on Leaf Green, but who knows? >D
    Hehe, I know it's legit. ^^ Otherwise you wouldn't have posted. Besides, I play the majority of my Pokemon games on emulator, and all of my shinies *bar 1, but she has a long story behind her* are legit.
    I liked the Johto season mainly because of the variation of sprites and designs. GSC had alot of beta designs, and the fact that the Japanese and English versions varied, and the Gold and Silvers sprites varied too just always makes it fun to play. I love the shinies on those games, too. :3
    I edited my post on the club. Hopefully now you'll be able to understand what I meant. ^^;

    Oh. Did you find the Tangela on an emulator, or a real game? *curious*
    For one, I NEVER called you a hacker. :/ I'd never assume something like that at someone, unless it was clearly obvious.

    What confused the hell out of me, was the fact that you called it a Soft Reset shiny. You can't SR Tangelas. You can randomly encounter them, but you can't Soft Reset them, which is what puzzled the heck out of me.

    And I was also confused as to why your image was back to front. :/
    Well, LeafGreen spat it out in 50 encounters.
    FireRed didn't do anything.
    So LeafGreen is my only Kantoian Profile now. xD

    Thanks for reminding me, I'm gonna put it in my siggy in a few.
    oh i completely agree, at the moment i've just started getting back into playing for hours on end, all because of shiny hunting. when i saw all the discoveries made regarding the emerald RNG, it did make me a little sick.

    Oh yeah the groudon was really lucky, i was about 10 minutes from giving up and just catching the git. Of course its actually a luckier shiny than most realise, because of the fact that it appeared twice in a row, i accidentally SR'd over shiny groudon, and then on the next reset it was shiny again. - I'm not one for SRing for long periods, so any SR shiny i ever get has to appear in a few days, if not then i'm outta there.

    2500 encounters for tangela, wow i don't know how people can do so many encounters in so little time, do you train at the same time or do you just get into battle and run. If i'm hunting for shinies then i'm training, thats how i got my shiny goldeen in platinum by training 3 different pachirisu.
    thanks DDS, like i've said i'll keep an eye on that thread, but if they don't provide any conclusive proof then i'll just stick to normal hunting, as i myself have got at least one shiny frame in my jp platinum as well.

    may i ask though, when you were testing this platinum breeding for shinies(odds of 1/2048), were you using two foreign parents, so two japanese parents on an english language game, or the other way around, because thats how they say it works.
    how is your hunt going? im currently at work and fishing for a shiny wailmer/wailord. no luck so far
    run-ons are really "run-on sentences". It's an English thing - ask your teacher. But try to stick to sentences with a single subject, verb, action, and outcome, then use a period and start over with the next sentence.
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