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  • Oh, I really should take that out of my sig. Haven't hunted it in an age. Have been mainly trying to get Ditto with good IVs for breeding. I've also set myself up so that I can SR for Darkrai in Platinum. I saw that Mence Master had gotten then shiny Rayquaza. It is a very nice shiny. I'm sure I'll SR for it one day. GL with Dratini and Gyara.
    FireRed is sooo hard to get them in D<
    I'm more than likely going to get either shiny Moltres, Tangela, or Rayquaza this weekend; I hope I do!
    I've gone to One Island for a bit, to Pickup Hunt for Rare Candies, to be used on my Marowak and Parasect so I don't have to use my Master Ball.
    I am goin' after Quaza lots, and I'm hoping to obtain at least one random shiny this weekend.
    Well, I'm hunting a bird in FR, my avatar, and Tangela (later)
    How do you hunt Poli-mon?
    Good luck to you either way :)
    Only 600 :O
    I can't wait till Friday, because then, I'll have a 4 day weekend to Soft Reset my head off, and I can assure that I'll get a shiny in either FireRed or a shiny Dragon by that time :)
    *gulp* seven?! o-k...i guess i didn't know who i was dealing with :p do you know of the gts cloning glitch? well, if we were to trade, lets make clones so we can still keep teh originals. m'kay?
    SRing, Fishing and hatching have the same change of 1/8192...
    hatching needs only more time to see the pokemon (it needs to hatch, duh;))
    silph co...thats in the 3rd generation games right? well..im playing ruby...but saved in front of groudon..so i can start resetting him. But currently im playing Pearl because i planted berries on several locations.

    random shinies are always fun...when i found a random starly i thought: not another one...( i chained them already)..but its cool to think how lucky you are to find a random shiny:d
    well that are also several hard targets;) the fishing pokemon and SR pokemon are the hardest;)
    Im currently hatching lapras
    i got ralts as a shiny from a chain of 3 right above jubilife city, then cloned it (cuz it was a male) so i could get both. I have pleanty more shinies but i don't think i'll be offering any of my good ones. I have around 27 shinies. Cuz my dex is 488 (minus a few legendaries) i have barely anything else left to do :p
    i can offer shiny galade or gardevoir. In teh event department, i can offer even manaphy or maybe event darkrai. I live in Australia and we don't normally get events :p
    hey, could you reserve that shiny charmeleon? i want to trade you but my wifi is down.
    ow got so many targets;)
    After cresselia and spiritomb i can SR for: heatran, uxie, mesprit, azelf, Giratina
    On ruby I can SR groudon, regi's, rayquaza

    And breeding for shiny tropius and lapras...and other targets are feebas, starters, riolu.

    And ofcourse SRn at honey trees for shiny combee:)
    ah well...too many targets;)

    and you?
    oh i get it:) Hope that you will find a shiny fishpokemon soon. I tried fishing for a shiny wailmer/wailord for days before i gave up;)

    Really doesnt matter:) just trade me one you can miss:)
    Why are you resetting for fishing? You dont have to reset? you can continue fishing until you find a shiny..the change will always be the same.
    I also have a SR shiny...Drifloon...took me ages:)

    Yes Cresselia flies off:) So you 'talk' to it..it flies away...you hunt it down...and when its not shiny..you SR..and start over again...;)

    You should send treecko to an emerald file..then you can clone it:)

    Well what do you want to offer for the sandshrew? you may choose..

    No i wasnt ev-ing at Stark mountain, I dont have any ev-trained pokemon..I was just walking around:)
    Thanks for the congrats!
    The random shinies I encounterd: 2x Starly, Kricketune, Lumineon, roselia, magcargo on the pearl game...2x tentacool on my emerald game and the sandshrew on my ruby game.

    The lumineon and magcargo are not for trade. The sandshrew i can trade because i have clones of them on my emerald file. All my shinies are legit.

    For what shiny are you resetting for?
    Thanks, hope that Cresselia and Spiritomb will shine soon.
    hmm ok so what was the trade list again? also I got JEREMY growlithe now
    hmm so I guess im 4 hrs ahead, its 5:19 am here, well whenever your awake we can trade
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