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Da Master of Unowns
Last Activity:
Jul 19, 2009
Dec 11, 2005
Likes Received:
On the planet Earth
The computer O_o

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Da Master of Unowns

You're too slow!, from On the planet Earth

Da Master of Unowns was last seen:
Jul 19, 2009
    1. Kouyukki
      I'm 3996 2378 2427 . I'm online now, will be for a while longer =)
      sorry I had to reach you through here, but the site says your inbox is full =/
    2. Ovle
      Thanks for the trade :]
    3. Ovle
      Oh.. I thought Phione is a baby-pokemon ... :)
      Finished ?
    4. Ovle
      I didn't understand that, but - whatever.
      I'll wait :)
    5. Ovle
      Do whatever is best for you :)
    6. Ovle
      Well hey - im lucky. Online now, Ill be in Wi-fi in two min..

      My fc is 1118 5817 4865.
      And you're right - the name changes itself.
    7. Ovle
      Hey :] I herd u liek Mudkipz. lol.

      Well - I got Mudkipz. And me wants that Phione on ur list :)
      Pm / vm me for more info, eh ? =)
    8. GrizzlyB
      Nuts. I was actually off just eight minutes before you left that message (but it still said I was logged on for 15 more minutes). Sorry about that. If you want, though, I should be available for a few more hours tonight, or for most of tomorrow, right up about until the same time.
    9. GrizzlyB
      Okay, I'm having some issues connecting, as I got Error Code 86420 every time I tried to join. I looked it up, and it's apparently either a temporary issue or something with your firewall settings (I have no idea, and I was able to play two different people within the past hour).
    10. GrizzlyB
      I don't know why I didn't just move here myself.

      I guess 4-stock is alright, but the matches last surprisingly longer with it. But hey, if you want to get on and make the room, it's your call. I'm on now, by the way.
    11. GrizzlyB
      Yeah, sure, I'll add you, too. And if you're ever feeling up for a match when I'm on Serebii, just ask, and I'll probably play. So long as it's not late-night (by American standards).

      Edit: Hold on a tic, your Friend Code seems to be invalid. You'd better double-check it.

      Edit again: Nevermind, I found the right one in the old Friend Finder thread. Well, it's some valid code, in any case. You transposed the 4 and 9 in the middle set. Might want to fix that in your sig and the Brawl Club, though.
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  • About

    On the planet Earth
    The computer O_o
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I like Unown!(DUH!)

    Video Games!


    Brawl Status:
    Subspace Emissary...COMPLETE
    Who I play as: Sonic, Capt. Falcon, and Mario; I may use others though.
    PM me if you wanna Brawl.

    I'm back to Pokemon again (gasp!), so feel free to PM me if you want to trade/battle.
    Currently wanting:
    TRU Shaymin ;492;
    Most starters (not Sinnoh, Mudkip, or Charmander)
    PM me with offers for any of these (especially TRU Shaymin;492;)