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  • The running on all fours is a wolf thing, but Scott could of at least used each leg separately. Part two gets better, I especially like what happens to Jackson.

    Yeah, I know. But just in case I do end up dying, I want to go down with some dignity and not naked. Or if I do win, not end up naked.
    Ahaha. Bug ILPy about it. I'm sure he'd love to review it. I think his email notification was messed up again (it was like that last time and he didn't receive an email when someone posts in the club, so he doesn't know there's a new post). I'm sure he'll come tomorrow when manga is out so you can bug him then :p
    So are they going to show the premier and "part 2" of the premier too?

    Please tell me that I kick some butt in this one and not end up really beat up and naked.
    I know right?! Last season got so good towards the end, like the Veterinarian, WTF is he?!!1 How does he know that white ash effects werewolves? why did he take that chair like a boss? and what about Lydia? I've been waiting a long time to see this.
    Yeah man, the man is keepin us down man, fight the power man! :p

    And no real plans for this weekend. Just staying up on Sunday to watch the season 2 premier of Teen Wolf. What are/were your plans?
    I think at this point she is a cradle robber. And I'm pretty sure that general society frowns upon harming the elderly in any form, so no go on the pepper spray.
    So, my younger brother and I were hanging out with some friends at a grad party. Towards the end when we just started just doing goofy dances, then these two slightly guys came and sat down next to us. A minute or two later one of them gets up and asks one of the girls with us to dance. At this point of the party she was tired tired and didn't really know the specific dance for the song (because the DJ kept playing those kind of songs all night). so she told him "I don't know the dance to this song", but he heard "I don't know this guy", and this mofo got mad. He went back to his friend and said "f*ck this" then went on *****ing. After that the two moved to their other friends and he kept staring at her and saying as loud as possible f*ck this, f*ck that, and that he wanted to "poke" all 3 girls with us . We listened to it go on for 20 minutes while we just sat there waiting for them to leave. When we got tired of waiting, we got up to leave. They noticed us saying our congrats and good-byes to the people holding the party, so they decided that they should leave too. So we stalled until we know they left.
    It's very refreshing to say the least. Like i said before, I got along with everybody in high school, but never really "fit in" with the people in my grade. They all had in-side jokes about what happen on this day or that, so I always felt left out, and ended up hanging out with the "out casts" or people younger than me. And try not to worry about the scholarship, stress can be very bad for you.

    Since it's summer that means it grad party time, and I kicked it all off with a bang with some very sketchy situation last night.
    Depending on your mood on a given day, I more than likely get along with you. As much as I missed, college is so much better. People are generally nicer.
    I was that guy that got along with almost everyone, but didn't have a clique to run with. And no one ever really saw me mad, I let it build up then exploded for no apparent reason.
    If you were this uber cute girl I know, or a cute girl in general it would be a different story.

    I'm tired, just got back working at the farm. Actually doing something instead of sitting around FTW. How was your day?
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