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  • My fic? It's pretty much the same, just a lot more chapters since you left. I also wrote a prequel and pre-prequel One-shots. Links in my signature.
    The answer is a secret and a mystery for you. : ) Every one thinks Australia is like bush and like they see it in cartoons but it's like normal lol.
    I added you as a friend i think since you posted in the rate my sig above you thread lol. Anyways i live in Australia. Perth W.A and i'm a boy and i'm 14 but i'm turning 15 in August :)
    Oh sweetie, it's really nice but I don't think the butterflies were necessary in the banner. It doesn't look good but you should like leave it alone. Don't make the image too dark but let it have a little light to it.
    How do you say Celestial Being in french? I think I would use that. I'll make one later when you tell me how so say that in the language of love.
    Sorry for the late reply, Ihad to walk my sister to her friends house.

    I don't have MSN... I don't even have an e-mail account. People from school are harsh and some how always find my e-mail address so I just use my friends if I need to sign up for anything.
    Wow, your smart and hot(According to you)

    I was thinking of doing something with numbers, I am taking 3 math classes next year. Geomrtey, Algebra, and Calculus. All AP. So I am a math wiz.

    Latin, OMG it is so hard, each word has like 30 different spellings. I have no idea ho I got an A on my last Exam. So, what are you going for, like what is your major.
    30 day, so a month. I cant wait, I'm taking all AP classes with Latin 2 and Health. Best of all, no gym!

    I posted a reply on your fic, which is amazing by the way.
    *claps* Yah new chapter. I'll read it right away.

    and I', doing fine, I'm just really board. i can't believe I'm saying this but I miss school.... It gave me something to do.
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