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  • I've seen it, still not my style though.

    My weekend wasn't that bad. I did some yard work yesterday, and did some farm work today.
    Lulz, the reactions never get old. I've never had a myspace or a facebook, I do have a google+ only because of my youtube account, and I don't even touch that either.

    I'm 21 btw.
    No sir, I'm jus' a simple country boi. I don't keep up with what you big city folk call "the internets".

    But seriously though, I know about facebook, I just don't have one. I say that every time my friends talk about it.
    Yup, but the program takes 20 students at a time.So its not all bad. And being in the armed forces is kind of a tradition in my family, my grandfather served in WWII, my dad served in the Korean War and my older brother did a tour in Afghanistan and is about to be deployed to Europe in a few months too. Theres also various uncles from both sides of the family (both my mom and dad come from families of 8 kids.) Then theres the whole the army betters/strengthens you as a person thing. And all the girls I've told about this situation (because for some reason a good majority of my current friends are all girls) would support my decision, and some of them looked turned on by possibility of me being a Marine.

    But at this point in time, the Marines is just an option just in case don't fully do right.
    I miss the cut for the nursing program this fall, and have to wait another year to get in. And most of my high school friends are moving on and stuff. Then I over-hear those snootie *****es in some classes say "how can people score X amount on these test hur durr its not that hard hurr durr". And that call from the recruiter just made me really introspective these past few days.
    At least you have something going on in your life. My life has become boring, and I kind of feel like I'm a failure, that's why I'm thinking about joining the Marines. The only reason I'm not signed up yet is because I have that fear of new/unknown.
    You seemed to like it a lot before I told you. :p But it worked out really well in the end, and everyone approved it.

    If Luke helped me, it would be an exact exact exact copy of a the battlizer, to a T. Well, maybe a step or two or three below the real power of a battlizer.

    And good news, I've been promoted to Captain of Squad 8.
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