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  • That's cool man. It's my results day tomorrow and I'm excited/nervous as hell for it!

    Ooh, nice. I haven't played it much either, still Level 16 and doing my stuff. My friends rarely play it anymore anyway.

    Magic is alright, although I feel Oblivion had a more open spell system. I love stealth because I hate dying and it felt better to sneak past enemies rather than fight them :) Thalmorius is a badass name, I like it!

    Yep. I like surviving and doing damage, but I also like mobility. Casters always annoyed me in that regard. I also have to be in melee, it's a habit.

    Oh really? I started a AS nuzlocke the other day. Just outside Petalburg Woods, training is extreme.

    I imagine I'll be the same, it's a hell of a lot of fun.
    Yeah, my 969 CP Flareon is my best Eeveelution, but I only really evolved them for the Pokedex. I'll hunt down stronger Eevees and get the best CP Eeveelutions from them later. Vaporeon is the most OP one, I'll probably hunt that bastard down first. Now I'm home I have to return to the beach (in the sun, ugh) where the Pokestops are, or the cemetery 5 mins away from my house. I want some rare stuff to evolve; my uncle has a Gyarados, Slowbro, Starmie, Flareon and the gyms nearby have Lapras and Kabutops in them. Seriously?

    Yeah, being specialised seems to improve immersion I feel. Your dark Mage sounds awesome though! I'll probably roll with some sort of Assassin at the start of the game; I love stealth and Archery. It's a habit of mine.

    I don't have an issue with tanking; if I'm needed to I'll tank, but I'd rather have fun and beat the **** of out bosses rather than taking their ****. You're the first person to tell me to reroll, it's a weird experience. Everyone usually tells me to stop rerolling haha

    Aah, I see. Think you get more at some point...

    I'm British so that may make me biased towards my own country... I think you'd be fine studying here. Our education system is pretty good in retrospect, we have plenty of sightseeing you can do and a shed-load of culture. Most countries do really... I'm just moving because I want to experience those cultures. I like it.
    Oh, that sucks. My uncle took me to this place he goes to at night where there's about 8 Pokestops all close together, where people just sit in the park putting lures on and catching ****. AMAZING. I got quite a few Dratini, and the aforementioned Staryu, Drowzee and Pidgey. I just went and evolved one into a Pidgeot, for funsies. Also got one more Eevee this morning, so I evolved it into a Flareon. I have all Eeveelutions now!

    Memorable characters... I had a Level 35 Redguard that had One Handed, Block, Smithing, Heavy Armor, Enchanting and Restoration that I did the most on. My favourite character was a Dark Elf Nightblade though (Sneak, Illusion, One Handed, Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration). Would conjure up a Bound Dagger and backstab things. Tougher enemies (see: Dragon Priest from College of Winterhold, Morokei I believe?) got Firebolt stunned to death instead. You?

    WoW is alright, a bit expensive I agree. I play(ed) a Druid on there as my only max-level character, but I got bored leveling him towards the end. The game is split into roles - tanking, healing, DPS - and I tanked on my Druid, but I'm not great at it and would rather DPS. Hence I'll probably reroll.

    Yeah, that's 210 Pokemon right there assuming you filled all the spaces... damn.

    Haha, England's alright for studying (it's where I am!) and Germany is cool. A lot of my friends have German heritage (as they like to constantly remind me) which is... interesting. England has good colleges/universities though.
    Nice, I wish you luck! I caught enough Drowzee, Poliwag and Staryu today to evolve those 3, along with Ratatta, Pidgey, Spearow, Zubat and Voltorb. I just want better versions (I found this cool website that gives you the minimum CP needed to guarantee your Pokemon evolves into a 1000+ CP Pokemon) before I do. Pidgey I may just evolve - I have nearly 150 candies of it!

    Skyrim was awesome. I restarted that game so many times... I struggle keeping a single character without getting bored. Happens in other games too - it took me two years to get a character in World of Warcraft to max level, and I already want to reroll. Crazy! Witcher sounds amazing though, will definitely check it out.

    Think it was in Gen IV they changed it... to go from Gen IV to Gen VI, think you either transfer to Gen V and Pokebank it, or ignore Gen V and Pokebank it anyway.

    Seems cool. I want to go to Canada for university, so chances are I'd be setting up to live there. Not sure if it's possible; they don't like letting too many people in for study, let alone living there. Visas are a nightmare. We'll see.

    Agreed on that one.
    Ooh, that's unlucky. I've got one Dratini, and that's it. No Dragonite or anything. Running out of balls though - got 20 Poke Balls and 30 Great Balls. Don't want to waste my blues on Pidgey though... I have 125 Pidgey candies so far. So I can evolve a whole new Pidgey into Pidgeot assuming it's got a high enough CP. My uncle is taking me out to a place with 8 close-by Poke Stops, so we'll see what we get there.

    Funny you say this; I adore Skyrim (and to a lesser extent Oblivion too, would've loved to play Morrowind) and I keep hearing about Witcher 3/Fallout 4. I don't own an Xbox One/PS4, so I struggle to play those games. Witcher 3 though is the next game I need to play, once the next World of Warcraft expansion is done and dusted.

    Haha, brilliant! I used to think the game glitched when my Pokemon was poisoned; the sound you heard when wandering around made me think the game broke, so I'd restart it. Oh the pain... Flygon is great though, love it! I tend to use my starter when playing through the games; I tried using Ralts as my starter in Emerald once and did alright. Roxanne was a ***** but Double Team + Growl + Confusion spam worked in my favour.

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Seattle seems like a cool place to hang out. I got back from my holiday in Norfolk (somewhere in the UK, couldn't tell you where) and am now at my grandparents, where I'm on Twitter a lot and chatting to friends. Got to start my college summer projects soon though - I said I'd do it today but then my uncle said he was coming round...

    Alola forms are cool, for sure! The new "gym" format looks a bit underwhelming to me, but I'll still check it out.
    Yeah, it sucks. The home I was staying at last week had Eevee's and Drowzee's galore, even had Dratini and apparently a Wartortle at one point. Now? I caught two Pidgey today, and I've been around for a few hours. Hmph... Clefairy is cool though! Nice that you caught a better one, that's good karma for you.

    Haha, great! I don't have gaming friends; some play games but we're all more-or-less single players. Huge into RPG's like Skyrim rather than group games (FPS' for example). You'll figure it out in due time, as you say don't worry about it.

    Huh, I see. I used to love Mightyena, I remember using one when I played my friends' Sapphire version (my first attempt at Pokemon). Think I had a Level 41 Blaziken and a Level 35 Mightyena by the 7th gym, along with other random crap. Fun times...

    So, have you done anything interesting recently?
    Nice. I need to get stronger Eevees, mine are in the mid-300's and it annoys me. Hmph. I only have one Nidoran and it's the male one, but there're a few near my grandparents' house which is cool. Except nothing appears here except ****ing Rattata. My god.

    Yeah, friends are great. I used to be quite unsocial but my current friend group has made us all more outgoing and so we've gone out more. It's been good. The important friends will stick with you through college, whether they go to the same one as you or not. No worries on that.

    Huh, not a bad team. How was Mightyena and Walrein? I've considered using both a fair bit, never got around to it though. I might use one if I play through Ruby or Emerald again (not ORAS though haha). Yeah, I'm sad I missed out on a few of them. I just don't use them/can't be bothered to get them, so I've missed all of them so far.
    I've gotten two Charmanders (one was my starter) and a Squirtle, but no Bulbasaur. Nothing exciting in my eggs, but I've never gotten a 10k one so yeah. Shame, but hey ho. Life goes on. Porygon is cool though!

    Haha, you sound like my friends now. It's cool, I think friends liking different subjects is good. Not only does it encourage different discussions but the group becomes more balanced as a result; there's usually someone who knows what you're stuck on. I'm excited to meet new people who like the same subjects as me, but I'm also interested in keeping up with my old friends (which I may if my failed flirting goes to plan).

    Congrats! What was your AS team? I didn't mind Deoxys, like you my friend used an Action Reply to hack a shiny one into the game. I kept it; it's on my White version I think. I just never use it.
    I'd love to get some starters. Holding out on eggs at the moment, funny how such rare Pokemon are coming out of 2k eggs, yet you'd expect them out of 10k (the starters I mean).

    Haha, there's usually one that stands out. There was one college a close friend of mine recommended that took me an hour to get to by car. I spent half an hour there, it was awful. Yet my friends loved it! People have different tastes. Science is a fun subject, I miss it now I'm not doing it. But at the same time, my friend is chatting about his summer project and it sounds awful... stick to what you enjoy.

    Seems pretty cool. I imagine my friend group will soon break up (I'm guessing by Christmas, where we're all so busy nobody has seen one another for months). We'll all make new friends and that'll be that. It is what it is, you know? Doesn't make it any better...

    Probably. I re-read some of our earlier messages this morning and it may actually work based on what was said. Time will tell, but I'm wary of making a move at the moment.
    Think my friend said something about Level 15 being good for stuff, I don't know. I've noticed a jump now where I'm getting high 200-300 CP Pokemon at Level 13, so maybe at higher levels this'll increase to 400-500 CP Pokemon I can evolve and use. Would be nice.

    College is fun. At least here in the UK it seems that way. I knew where I was going to go for a while, since it was fairly close and better than the Sixth Form on my school premises. Subject-wise I found fairly simple - unless you have a solid career plan in mind, go with what you enjoy. I didn't have a career in mind (bar perhaps teaching at college/university level, but then I pick my subject), so I chose the 2 subjects I really enjoyed and looked at two others. My friends are all huge Science fans, I enjoy English and History more.

    Aah, right. My current friend group kind-of stole the area I sat at during breaks/lunch (we were friends, just didn't hang out) so by stealing my spot, we hung out.

    Haha, I know. I've met her once so far (at the college taster day) and have been chatting to her on Twitter a lot. We have tons in common, but... we've met once, and I really don't want to have things be awkward between us right before college. I don't know, it's a strange one. I'll figure it out.

    It's good. Kids are alright, most are really sweet. It's the parents, some I love and some I hate.
    Aah, I see. I'd love a Gengar; I have a 207 Haunter I caught but only about 7 Gastly candies. Haven't found many of them about. Was lucky to snag the Gastly and Haunter I did catch as it is. I'm hoping that me being a good few levels higher than when I left means when I go home to Voltorb-town I'll be able to catch some good CP ones. Would be nice.

    So close... ugh, painful. Nice to see your friends though. I did my GCSE's this year, so I ended on the 17th June. If I wasn't doing my exams, I'd have finished probably last Friday (end of July pretty much). I start college in September. I'm quite excited. 4 of my friends are going with me, although none are doing any subject I'm taking. We all got different enrolment day dates, so in theory we're in different tutors. Luckily for me two of my friends (the one in Kenya and the one going to Italy) have the same date as me, so we may be together.

    That sucks. I don't think my friend group has a particular "glue" that holds us together; one person could leave and nothing would really change. Maybe I'm the closest, since my absence is noticed more. Who knows.

    I say flirting, I'm not particularly good at it nor do I intend to actually flirt. It's sort-of complicated, and I'm trying to get my head around it all :/

    I volunteer at my local library, with the Summer Reading Challenge. Basically I persuade kids to read books over the summer and give them cards and medals if they complete the challenge :)
    Ooh, cool. My Zubat is only 167 CP, doubt I'm getting an 800+ CP Golbat from it haha

    Huh, sounds interesting. Does school start in a week for you? Damn, I've still got 5 weeks left.

    I am at my grandparents playing games and chilling. I'm back home on Friday. A lot of my friends are away from next week - one's currently in Kenya for two weeks (which sucks because it's a bit hard to flirt when they're on a different continent to you :/) and another is off to Italy soon. Another is away to Brazil for the Olympics (she's watching the gymnastics I believe) soon as well. I've got volunteering in-between as well, so I'm going to be kept busy.
    I have 2 above 600 CP. I need more! Hoping for a strong Zubat/Drowzee, Hypno and Golbat tend to be fairly strong.

    I have 2 2k eggs at 1.4k so far, and a 5k egg at 2.8k at the moment. So I need to do a bit more walking to get those sorted.

    So what have you been up to?
    No, I suppose not. Vaporeon remains my strongest, then my 678 CP Jolteon. I have a 416 CP Pidgeotto and Beedrill, and a Raticate in the mid 400 CP. Got enough candies to evolve my Drowzee, Pidgeotto, Caterpie, Voltorb, Poliwag and Zubat, but I need higher CP ones of pretty much all of them. Hoping my eggs will improve them.

    Sucks doesn't it?
    I'm now at my grandparents. level 13, nearly 14. There are no good Pokemon around here, my god. It's awful! There's a gym a minute away though, but it's held by Instinct and has an 890 CP Hypno, 900+ CP Vaporeon and a 1000+ CP Kingler. I'm ****ed.

    Yeah, that's the best way forward. I want a Snorlax, all the Pokemon I have are crap or easy to find :/
    Haha, nice! I got enough Eevee to evolve my strongest 306 CP one into a 836 CP Vaporeon (was random). My uncle is promising late night cruising around his neighbourhood hunting Pokemon when I get back from holiday.
    Ooh, nice! I caught... another Eevee, need more cool stuff. There're two Pokestops near the house I'm staying at, may go spend half an hour near one and just collect items/catch rare lure Pokemon.
    I wish it was having the same effect on me...

    Aah nice, congrats! Sadly I'm busy tonight and tomorrow (packing for a holiday tonight, going on holiday tomorrow) so I won't be around for a while.
    Yeah, the lures are super good for that. Only issue is that it's stupidly hot outside and the beach is the worst place to be for that, so I melt every time.

    Hope you get it soon, god knows how tedious chaining is.
    Haha, that sucks. Me and my friend went out this morning; we leave near a beach where there're laods of Pokestops, and people just put lures on them. Got a Machoke, Charmander, Mankey, Growlithe, Exeggcute, Vulpix, Goldeen, Magnemite and Voltorb (so many Voltorb...) which was pretty good.
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