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  • ..... Can i ask....
    on stealing claims.... do u mean by not being on for 90 days? or by being on for 90 days... cuz i found a person whos been unactive for more then 90 days...
    Hi I love yor sig! Majoras mask was a awsome but hard game!
    And lucario is the best fighting type trainers could carry...
    A signature featuring Issun? And, less importantly but still awesomely, Majora's Mask? I greatly approve.

    The name's Rocks. GalladeRocks. Pleased to meet you. Any friend of Issun is a friend of mine, so I figured I'd say hi. Hi!
    Hey, I added you. My code is on the last page or something like that in the exchange thread.
    It's almost save to say that America is turning from the United States of America to the Soviet States of America. I mean that since just look how Obama is now demolishing this freedom that the founding fathers of this county set up in 1776. It would probably turn out to another one of these Civil Wars again since their is a few people like myself that is repulsed by what Obama has done since he has been in office. Though a group like the NAACP would complain that this is racist just like how the Civil War (their view). But hey , The first Civil War was because of the Union's greed anyways.

    Now back on to the topic at hand , I hope that they would fix this ACTA anyways if they repulsively pass this think. I mean that since there is extremes to copyrighting like people pirating video games. Now that would be something that would be needing to be punished but not dumb stuff like making video game walkthroughs of video games. I mean there would be almost everyone and their grandma would be in jail if they would punish even the smallest thing.
    Ahahahahahahahahaha! Ahahaha! Ha.
    "The only good point on there being a second form for Kyurem is by it's Pokedex entry in Black version. "

    Actually there's a fair amount of things that, even ignoring possibilities of the other two's backstories, lead to him having a new form:
    1. Lacks 20 base stat points. Usually the 3rd member will either have 10/20 more points if they're also the ones that keep the other two in check (Landorus, Rayquaza), or all have the same stat totals (ie: every other trio)
    2. Lacks a level 100 move. Likely either of the two charge moves, but still
    3. The biggest clue is the data itself. Kyurem has a little placeholder data thing for a form, just like every other form-holder in the game. Also, his signature move, Glaciate has a unique effect number despite being Icy Wind but stronger.
    4. Also just look at him. His mouth is frozen over, he can't control his ice, one or both of his wings are broken, and his body is very emaciated. He really is a broken dragon, poor thing.
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