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  • ooh, that looks super useful; thanks! Up to know I've been guessing what the move might be and checking the move page for it to confirm, as the japanese name is listed at the top. But being able to sort alphabetically in either language is great!

    As for kanji, well, there are only about 2000 in regular use, and while that does sound like a lot, it is perfectly doable in a few years if you are dilligent and go about it smartly. I've covered the basics (common readings and a few vocab words) for about 750 kanji by now, using a website called wanikani that uses an SRS system and teaches from radicals using mnemonics. If you know the common characters and aren't in a super-specialized field or anything, you should be able to read most things since the rarer kanji, if used, will generally have furigana for them because they won't expect even natives to know all of the more obscure ones.
    No, I haven't heard of "game grammar" before. That sounds really interesting, and I'll definitely have to check it out when I have time!
    For my Japanese X file, I've been making do with (other than what I can decipher with my limited skills) what I know about moves from playing previously, animations, trial and error, dictionaries, and pages on bulbapedia and serebii that give the japanese for certain things. Sometimes I have to do quite a bit of hunting to find the japanese term, though, so something more organized and in one place might be nice.

    As for kanji, yeah, it's quite a task, but it's one that I think it's better to start earlier rather than later. It actually makes it easier to read once you know them, for a variety of reasons, and can help when you learn new words if you can see what kanji combine to make them. Kanji can have a number of pronunciations (some more than others), but many have only one pronunciation they use commonly in compounds. Of course, it's important not to neglect grammar, and any study of kanji needs to include some vocabulary study too so you know what they do. There's also some kana-only words that are important to learn.

    Yep, I'm from the States. Cool that you're naturally bilingual! I look forward to any more insights you can give us as we try and decipher the meaning of new moves and such. :)
    My X file is currently in Japanese, but I think I'll probably keep my main sun/moon file in english for the forseable future, although it's possible at some point this might change, and I might do a quick run through in Japanese. I don't actually know enough to be able to do more than basic functions in japanese, as a lot of it's not exactly everyday Japanese, for one thing, and a lot of my pokemon knowledge base isn't something that can be directly translated to japanese, like move and pokemon names. I'm also at sort of a weird point where I don't yet know enough kanji to play with kanji on, and yet when it's all in hiragana and katakana it's hard for me to recognize words that I actually would if they were written in kanji... I really wish there was some sort of "select what kanji you want to display" or "kanji but with furigana option", but the first would be impractical to implement because of how many kanji there are, and the second would be impractical because of the screen size.

    As fun trivia, the main reason I made a japanese pokemon x file after my first english one was so I could give pokemon nicknames in kana. I can use romaji in english, but sometimes it just doesn't work well for certain words because of english spelling conventions or what not (like こおり, ice, looks weird romanized as koori), and often there's not enough character spaces for nicknames to romanize something. I think it's stupid they can't just give us access to the japanese keyboard in the english version, since the reverse is a thing.
    Oh yeah, I saw that conversation. Pretty interesting what they did with snorlax's one.

    I speak English (but I suppose saying that probably isn't necessary since I'm writing in it) and am learning Japanese. I'm not close to fluent in it yet (いつか ;_;), but I'm working on it in a number of ways (apart from classes, kanji using wanikani and speaking by living in one of my university's special language residences where everyone is required to speak only their target language while at home), and along with linguistics it's one of my majors. I also studied a bit of spanish in high school but don't really remember any of it.

    And you very well may already know this, but although it's hard to study linguistics without some exposure to other languages, at least in passing, linguistics as a study involves a lot more than just knowing more than one language. I don't think I'll ever be a polyglot, but if I can just master Japanese enough to do stuff in it and understand linguistic principals in both English and Japanese I'll be perfectly content with that.
    that's cool, I didn't literally mean no one but I dont know anyone personally that likes him. He was a big disappointment to me because I liked tepig a lot and expected a quado pig/boar like with tusks or something.
    Saw that you pm me. I have the dwf sableye ready. I will take both sunkern and doduo as payment. PM to arrange a meeting.
    Hey there! Are your DW Females non-English? If so, I have a DW female Eevee I can trade for a DW female Tangela...? Anything English, however, I won't accept. I need a non-English one for MM.
    About a week ago, you traded me a shiny Turtwig for some evolutionary stones.

    How can a starter shiny Turtwig be UT? You have to fight a Starly at the beginning of the game.
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