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  • Like I said, I'm juniebug910 on there! Hey dude!

    Sorry I haven't posted on PMD-DL lately. I've been kinda busy.
    The OOC thread got locked. You need moderator approval to make discussion threads here. :/

    It's not like Bulbagarden...
    Hey, is your RP still joinable?
    I have a character from another Digimon RP that I think would work well in your RP.
    Yayz, can do! He'll be a weaken down version. Because it'll be impossible for BlackAgumon to beat him otherwise. I'll get working on the post.
    Oh dajman, dajman!!! Can I have Lucemon? It's my favorite Digimon in whole wide world. I know their really powerful for a rookie so I can weaken it down it you want... If not since I having Mitsu go off on her own which digimon are available? Just to make sure.
    All right I'll get a post up. Oh by the way you seem to have put Veemon as you digimon in the list just to point out.
    Thank you for accepting my sign-up would you like me to add it to the sign-up thread/my post in the actual RPG thread?
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