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  • Guys I know i spam a lot so if ur gonna comment on that please dont ill try to stop and to prove im truthful i pushed the hair out of my eyes while writing this
    I noticed that you wanted to know what STAB is. It's Same Type Attack Bonus, shorted STAB. It means that when Pokémon using a move of the same typ as itself, the attack gains a boost, 50 % to be exact.

    And, kindly stop spamming the In-game RMT, learn about movesets, stategies and all that, and then come back rating.
    I'm sorry if I've come on as harsh. It just seems that most of the time you don't really know what you're talking about, and I suggest that you read up a bit on movesets of Pokemon so that you might become decent at rating teams. And a lot of what you say is just spam.
    Yea, That's why I picked it, the Eeveelutions are also known as Eon's b/c all of their names end in 'eon'. It basically covers all of my fave Pokemon.
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