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  • Magnificent work on completing your BQ! Goodness knows how many BQs you've completed now :p I'm jealous of all the shinies you obtained, and I also envy your patience.
    It's a shame you won't be around as much now, but you deserve a break.
    I might change my ID again soon. Thanks for that!

    But mainly, mega congrats on getting that Shelmet! I just saw your sig and came here to post. Such a beautiful shiny, and such a fantastic Pokémon! I love Accelgor. Awesome stuff!

    What's next?
    Awesome Cottonee! And it really does fit in with your theme, lol! Congrats! I love that Pokémon. Not long to go now!! What will you go for next, have you decided?

    I'm alright, thanks, sorry it took so long to reply to you. I've just been so dedicated to hunting that I haven't really posted much, but I've been lurking and aimed to respond at some point.

    Oshawott is being ... stubborn, I guess! I switched IDs last night for some reason. Jessara suggested it, but I don't really know if it's going to change anything. I'm sure I haven't seen a shiny, but sometimes I get really paranoid about it.

    Good luck with the next hunt! I'll keep in touch more once I get this otter. Threatening Bianca and Cheren doesn't seem to help, either. lol
    Hey there, dan! How are things?

    Just popping by to congratulate you on your Axew/Fraxure! It looks amazing. Not too long to go now ... fingers crossed the next ones are short hunts as well! Good luck.
    Yeah just racking up REs for now with my luck I decided to take a challenge and SR for Snivy in my black. I know it probably won't show anytime soon but I can wait :D considering doing a black BQ and good luck with your badge quest!
    Dang, you have some awesome luck! Congrats on Foongus, even though it was a little stubborn for you. I guess you'll be in a cave for your next hunt, right? At least it wasn't the longest hunt on your BQ, so massive congrats!
    Sorry it took a while to reply.

    I guess the shinies on your BQ have stopped being kind and caring and have decided to hide again?

    14,000 ... I swear you had amazing patience in the end there. Aqua estimated I was around 5,000 SRs now, so I'm still under the odds and have no right to complain just yet. Thanks for your luck. Also, thanks for your post in the shiny thread. I think I just needed some reassurance because my mind is beginning to play tricks on me.

    I went into SHU chat last night. It was pretty fun, so I'll probably be there more often.
    Thanks a lot, glad I got something!

    Giratina was at 6,837 SRs when Nidoran shone, but I'll start hunting it again, after I took a mini break when I got Nidoran. It'll shine soon, I guess.

    Good luck on Route 5, hope you get something soon!
    Heya, dan. Where are you up to in your hunt now? That weekend is almost over (for me, anyway!) so here's to hoping something happens.

    Do you think I should punch Cheren or Bianca for stealing all the shinies? One of them has to be responsible!

    I haven't been counting my SRs, but I've been doing way too many each day. I'm sorry, but I forgot how long your Tepig hunt was exactly in regards to how many SRs you had to do. How did you deal with it until you saw that star specifically?

    Fingers crossed for the both of us!
    Thanks, dan! I just read your post. Still hunting away here. Good luck to you as well.

    Oshawott is awful! Just the length of the SRs drive me nuts, but I am really determined. I have to admit that I haven't spent much time in White Forest today or yesterday as a result, because I'm finding doing two different hunts simultaneously to be a little draining. At least if I just focus on one I can do something else like surf the net or watch a DVD and actually pay attention to both.

    Fingers crossed we get something this weekend.
    Yup, quick hunts after two long hunts (painfully long hunts, when you think of Tepig) must feel good.
    Once this blasted Route 35 hunt shines, I'll go to my White2 and hunt more actively in Virbank Complex. I might as well try to catch up with you, as impossible as it will be >.<
    Whichever hunts you decide on next, good luck with them all! It should be most interesting to see what you end up getting from them.
    Cool, I just made another friend. ;)

    And no worries. I think it's great to be encouraging and supportive. We all know that while shiny hunting is a lot of fun and very addictive, it can also be very mentally draining, too. Also, exciting and rewarding, and you want to share that excitement with others. So I feel really happy for you.

    Now, that sounds like a great idea. What a memorable way to end a BQ. I look forward to seeing that.

    And thanks! I'm SRing trying to find a good ID for my Oshawott hunt. I've been SRing for it since yesterday morning. On top of my White Forest hunt. That's now at 3,712 REs. I was hoping to be further along, but things have been a little out of my hands tonight.
    Wow, dan! And it's not a Sandshrew, either! Awesome stuff!

    And, yeah, Aqua is crazy! ;) All three deer sparkly!

    Yamask looks amazing. Such a great little Pokémon. Good luck with the rest of your BQ!
    Crikey you're on a roll! Congrats on the Yamask, it's a shiny I'm jealous of.
    Just a little question, what are you planning for your final BQ hunt? Mine's a bit ambitious, as I decided to hunt the Muskedeer trio for BQ 8,9 and 10...
    Thanks ... Yeah, I did, actually. Two doubles, but that's okay. I mean, they're a colourful, well rounded bunch, and while one of them was a real stubborn Pokémon, the others did appear really quickly (for the most part!) I love them all a lot.

    Well, I hope you don't find a Sandshrew this time around! Why does that always happen? Well, not always, but a lot of the time!

    Well, I can't really find any in depth information, either ... Though I'm determined to keep on trying, so we'll see what happens.

    I just bought another Black! I'm hopeless. It was on special and I thought that it would help with White Forest, but this way I can also SR for a shiny Osha, too ... Great, another hunt on top of every other hunt I already want to do! Crazy me.
    Not bad. I hit 9,005 REs on Route 35 earlier, for my BQ in HeartGold. Giratina is also at 5,126 SRs, I'm hunting it as I type.

    Speaking of HeartGold Badge Quests, I do remember your BQ on HG. That was fun to watch you progress. Particularly that Slugma hunt you had, 4,000 eggs if I recall correctly. Then the Rattata after about 19,000 REs. What's your current target on your Black 2 BQ?
    Lol, not a problem! It was funny. I'll probably sound crazy, but I was scrolling down the page one day recently and I saw your sig and I thought, "Oh, I must have posted here." You know how you just quickly scroll down a page and sometimes things go so quickly through your mind that you don't think. Then I was like, "I don't remember writing this," and immediately realised it wasn't me and it was in fact you. But it made me laugh because of how absurd it was, and also because I remembered my sig looked similar to that once upon a time.

    I assume you're not going to evolve Magneton? That's fair enough. It seems like a lot of people do that.

    I wonder how many same shinies we'll end up getting in the end, or whether our paths will be very different from now on. It'll be interesting to see.

    Good luck with whatever the next hunt will be!

    Well, my hunt is kind of confusing me. I am beginning to find the mechanics of White Forest/Black City really frustrating and I cannot seem to work out anything despite looking at Serebii or Bulbapedia. I'm just under 1500 REs for a Rhyhorn (hopefully!) in White Forest. Problem is that Aron is hanging around. I've linked up with Black a few times and somehow lost certain other Pokémon along the way: Wurmple, Slakoth and Starly. Starly and Wurmple were welcome to stay particularly, but Slakoth was fine, too. I get certain mechanics of it, but now I don't understand where the actual NPCs have gone ... vanished into thin air or something. They're on neither game. Which then makes me question how this whole thing works. Because if all the NPCs vanish on a game, it becomes worthless, right? Considering both my forest and city were barren when I actually got there, and the NPCs only appeared via Entralink, I'm really stumped. I have four Pokémon in the forest now, one being Rhyhorn and the other being Aron ... and I'm scared I'll run into another Aron! I don't know what to do. That's my dilemma, I guess!
    Heya, dan! Congrats for finding the Pidove! I'm so glad you didn't copy my Badge Quest for a third time! ;) Honestly ...

    Only jokin'!

    What's next on the agenda?
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