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  • o i c.

    yeah he said he could probably do it but i didnt talk enough about it with him to know 100% for sure.

    all i know is i think we need a mod whos active and knows a bit about competitive, idc tbh who it is really as long as they aren't an idiot, completely inactive, or don't know a single thing about competitive.

    about your thread with the mods thing, even if sala isn't that active on the TL chat today he told me he might actually be able to be the mod as he lurks a lot and could possibly handle the infractions/locking threads part of the job. Just letting you know.
    Pretty much the same goes for me as well, I quit Pokemon, I'm just here to throw in my2 cents occasionally and for the lulz obviously....

    Reno wants to permaban me, so yea. Good times.
    Good Afternoon Danbaru's, long time no speak.
    Just a friendly warning, don't click the below link ¬_¬; I did, and it wasted 10mins of my time - goddamn RR >.<.
    I think CBC still does exist, IIRC I think there is a newer CBC, though it's gone downhill by the look of it.

    As for the link I'm lost too, AZ knows it though.
    I take it you're referring to Rhys and cloudk?

    They do post a lot, at least they're smarter than the average poster, which is good for the forums. Especially since I'm probably not going to stay much longer by the looks of it since I took Kebilito's offer of being an Admin on his forums with him and Salavoir, I'm not sure if he commented it to you or not. Though if you want to take a look or are interested in joining here the link

    We're working on a better name atm lol.

    Who knows maybe these new regulars will actually become good like we did.
    So what do you plan on doing here then, Danbaru's? You wouldn't ask for a Riolu artwork unless you planned on staying but doing something else here besides Competitive battling? Or is it for something else?

    Edit: I see you got your old avatar back.
    I will work on the 2nd right now then and post it here once it's done.

    That's a real shame really, I was hoping for it to be like the old times really, but things really can't stay the same forever unfortunately.

    Do drop by more often though, at least just to say hi =/

    As for MSN I don't have you on my contacts? my hotmail is: blue_ace_07@hotmail.com
    Posting because I realized this message would bump your VM wall to two pages ^_^. It would be nice if you came back, but it will probably very hard to do so because of all the metagame changes.

    v Based on the VM's and profile visitor number, I'd say Steadfast is even more popular in death now than in life :/. Although the timing of the EV guide sticky probably has something to do with that.
    I'd just like to thank you for that absolutely awesome EV guide it has personally helped me a lot already. I can now utilize that damage calulation formula to perfect my EVs on my pokemon. Once again thank you.
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