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Recent content by danburite

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    Serebii.net Suggestion Thread

    PLEASE, Joe, just say "coronavirus" on your news posts. We know exactly what you mean when you say "current global situation", so I would really, really, really like to know what the purpose of using a euphemism is for something we're all well aware of. It's not a dirty word. If you had the flu...
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    Crossposting from the Pokemon Home trade thread: LF: Melmetal. FT: Celebi, Jirachi, most starters, if there's any random common mons (ie not legendary) you need for your own dex, I can probably help you out. Absolutely desperate for Melmetal, as it's the last mon I need for my living dex, and...
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    LF: Melmetal. FT: Celebi, Jirachi, Kartana, Bulbasaur, Rowlet, Snivy, Turtwig, Cyndaquil, Sobble, if there's any random common mons you need for your own dex, I can probably help you out. Absolutely desperate for Melmetal, as it's the last mon I need for my living dex, and my Galaxy S8 (only 2...
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    Darkrai Event in Australia

    I'm too old for this. I'm 22 years old, I have a girlfriend, and I do other grown-up things (like drink and vote and so on), but dammit, Nintendo AU FINALLY releases an event Pokemon! I'm so there.
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    The "What I got from GTS" Thread (part 2)

    I just received a Pokemon Ranch Mew. It's in Japanese, so I don't really care for training it, but it's a nice addition to the collection.
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    Are people on wifi too easy?

    The trouble is that it's random. There's some strong opponents, but there's a LOT of people using those godawful rental passes (seriously, why would you buy this game without owning a DS?) and relying on Dialga. Occasionally i'll come across a tough trainer, and in those cases I always add...
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    Is the comic getting negected?

    I second this.
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    World of Warcraft - A relationship gone wrong.

    Not surprising. I went out on a date with a girl on Sunday, turns out her whole life revolved around Warcraft. Every conversation ended up coming back to her Blood Elf Paladin, so it was pretty obvious that I wouldn't be able to compete unless I signed up to play too. Video Games are great and...
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    Looking for Long Term PBR Battlers/Rivals?

    It sucks... every time I go online in Battle Revolution, nobody is on. Is there anyone around here from roughly the same timezone as me? (That's GMT +10 or Australian Eastern Standard Time)
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    New Giratina Form?

    I might actually catch one now. The DP one is just.... fugly. I suppose it's a good way for Gamefreak to fix the hideous legendaries of the fourth generation. All the litte, "cute" ones are great, but the big, mean "cool" ones are the worst-looking Pokemon i've ever seen. Darkrai looks good...
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    Why am I always player 2?

    It's probably got something to do with which wii-mote you use.
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    'kay. I'll get right on that.
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    How to not have the other player disconnect:

    I'm so sick of having my friend code people never being online and having to resort to random battles. Because let's face it: random battles suck. So, i've compiled this friendly list to help ensure that no-one ever disconnects from you before the battle even starts. 1. DON'T use rentals. They...
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    Looking for Long Term PBR Battlers/Rivals?

    The name's Dan and my friend code is 2234-5526-9883. I'm usually on around midday (Australian Eastern Standard Time), if anyone's interested. Not on every day, but I try to hop on for a bit, at least. It'd be a real relief to not have to go up against kids using the rental pass or teams of...
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    And THAT is why you don't cheat.

    Nah, I only get friend passes when they're worth it. :P My guess is their stats were somewhere in the range of "utterly abysmal".