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  • Like I said, lets really just see how the review on this next chapter goes before we make any plans on switching every few chapters.
    I'm pulling a blank, what new blend? Yes, I'm finishing the chapter tonight, did you get the part I sent you of it?
    I'm fine thanks. ^_^
    Nothing much going on, talking to harryheart on MSN mainly.
    My favourite is Eevee, but if I had to chose an Eeveelution, I'd have to say Leafeon. There is also Flareon, Espeon and Umbreon. I like them all really, well, I'm not too much of a big fan of Jolteon however.
    Norman is just too cool.

    Thing is, Noland (my avatar) is even cooler. Plus, when I get my new sig and my claims is approved, my new claim will be by avatar! :O Here's a hint to my new sigs.....one is related to one of my claims.....:D Good luck guessing!
    Oh yea! *high fives back* Gold star for us. Plus now that ugly pink feebas userbar is gone. I've been dying to get rid of it, and now 'tis gone.
    Sounds good, chocolate chips. *drools* Yum!
    I can't lie. XD I took a break from the fic for now to post around and stuff. Plus I do my best editing late at night when no one is around.
    It is the most yummiest muffin I have had in a looonngg time. It is vanilla with cream cheese frosting, but I have to save 2 to decorate and send to my friend on here. One will be Kirby, the other a chibi Kiba. (I think thats how the name is spelled) How is your cookie?
    No way! You got a friend request from CyberBlatiose? Odds are he will read this is, Cyber you are too cool! *^_^*
    May is very funny, you just have to love her. To tell you the truth, I've been trying to keep up with you on the posting, but once my sig has the fic linked up, then they will be meaningful for it.
    Let's keep it a secret for now. ^_~ But I requested it from people on here, who's work I very much love. Plus I figured as much as I like my sig now, the jobs has slowed and with everything I'm in now (twin, pair, newbie, the fic) it would tell people whats up with me. *Also poses like monkey May* It is a good pic!
    The icing on the mini cakes is so yummy. ^o^ I just had one!
    Well, no thanks on the club, but when I re-do my sig I'm going to add a link to the fic. Oh, BTW I'm re-doing my sig. :D I've told other people, I wonder why I didn't tell you.
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